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Cofagrigus is a supporting antagonist in the 2011 game Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond.

He is an excellent manipulator who hypnotizes Pokémon by acting harmless, and getting to play his Attraction, which allows Pokémon to make a cake. They get to keep and eat it, and when eaten, they develope an obsession with it, and get hypnotized to stay in Wish Park.

He is the leader of the Yamask that can be seen in and around his Attraction.


The battle starts out by the player having to destroy the cake he is sitting on, while the Yamask try to stop the Pokémon you choose to play (Pikachu or Oshawott if you have not finished the game) as by attacking.

The Yamask have one move, Shadow Ball. A fairly easy move to dodge, though it can tricky after a while. Cofagrigus himself also only has one move in this phase, where he launches multiple Shadow Balls.

In the second phase, Cofagrigus sometimes crawls on his hands, backwards, in order to walk faster. This does not occur until his HP gets below half. He can launch Shadow Balls, though this time, only one at a time - these follow the player around the stage for a few seconds. This attack is used if the player farther away from him.

He also slams his hands down, attempting to squish the player, if they get too close. This attack is easier to dodge, and deals a smaller amount of damage than the Shadow Ball.



  • Cofagrigus' name may be a combination of the words "coffin", "egregious", and "sarcophagus".
  • The Zone in Wish Park where he rules over is the first Zone where you enter in the game, and the easiest for most.
  • His cakes can be compared to real-life drugs. When eaten, a Pokémon forms a sudden addiction for his cakes, and they act weirder, but with a subtly calmness to them.
  • Cofagrigus is the most cunning and psychotic out of Darkrai's six minions, and very likely had no issue with being his minion.


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