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Cogliostro is a character in the Spawn comics originally a supporting character but later turns into a recurring villain in the series.


Coglisotro was originally Cain the first murderer he killed his brother abel and was punished. He would later make a deal with Malebolgia the ruler of the 8th circle of Hell to become a Hellspawn and later quits after realising the cost. He would later become a mentor to other Hellspawns such as the Medival Spawn and later Al Simmons the newest Hellspawn. He would later help guide him about the history of the Hellspawns and the war between Heaven and Hell. After defeating Malebolgia Coglistro was dying and later had Spawn help him get the Box of Eden and later Cog betrays Al by stripng him of his powers and taking Malebolgia's throne for himself. At some point he was making a tower that would topple heaven but seems to have given up on it and returns to earth letting greater demons take the empty throne of Malebolgia. He later met Jim Downing and tries to manipulate him but Downing defeats him. Cog would later tell Sam and Twitch the return of Al Simmons  and later helps Al again and is aware that Cyan Fitzgerald would later gain superpowers. In the later issues he would team up with Violator and Godsend against the ever growing threat of Al Simmons and his powers. Cogliostro would later go on into killing Nyx one of Spawn's allies.

Powers and Abilites

Cogliostro is a master swordsman,able to use magic,and was one of the former rulers of hell.

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