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Deep inside, there was one shining mote of humanity that could not be darkened. A love that could bridge worlds. Love that could make a man return from the grave. That would let a king willingly renounce his throne. have been called many names in my time: Cain. Malcus. Merlin. Faustus. Cogliostro. For century stacked upon century, lifetime after lifetime, I have sought someone to release me from the terrible curse that has hounded me. You were the one. It is a cruel joke, I suppose. Eden was always a lie-- A thing to be dreamt of, but never attained. But how could you have known that? You weren't there in the beginning. But then, this never was your story, was it? It was mine. All I can do for you, my friend, is grant as best I can the one thing you always wanted. I won't pretend this was anything less than a betrayal. I make no apologies and long ago gave up hoping for forgiveness. I merely did what I had to. Before there were words to count the slow march of centuries, I swore that I would never serve a day in this place. I have kept my word.
~ Cogliostro revealing his true intentions.

Cain, or by his current alias, Cogliostro, is a major character in the Spawn comics. He was originally the deuteragonist but later turns into a recurring antagonist in the series. He would soon become Sinn and is set on to become one the main villains in the series.


Coglisotro was originally Cain, the first murderer. He killed his brother Abel and was punished. He would later make a deal with Malebolgia, the ruler of the 8th circle of Hell to become a Hellspawn, but later quits after realizing the cost. He would later become a mentor to other Hellspawns such as the Medieval Spawn and later Al Simmons, the newest Hellspawn. He would help teach him about the history of the Hellspawns and the war between Heaven and Hell. After defeating Malebolgia, Coglistro was dying and Spawn helped him to get the Box of Eden, but this would be a deception, revealing his true intents, stripping Al of his powers, and taking Malebolgia's throne for himself.

At some point, he attempted to build a tower that would topple heaven but seems to have given up on it and returns to earth, letting greater demons take the empty throne of Malebolgia. He later met Jim Downing and tries to manipulate him but Downing defeats him. Cog would later tell Sam and Twitch the return of Al Simmons. He would, once more, help Al, and show awareness of the fact Cyan Fitzgerald had developed super powers.

In the later issues, he would team up with Violator and Godsend against the ever-growing threat of Al Simmons and his powers. Cogliostro would later go on to kill Nyx, an ally of Spawn. Later he would later try to recruit The Gunslinger Spawn but would instead be decapitated by the other Hellspawn.

Cog becomes Sinn

In other media


Cogliostro appears as the deuteragonist of the 1997 film adaptation Spawn and portrayed by Nicol Williamson. In the movie, he was once the black knight, Sir John of Work from the fifteenth century and became a Hellspawn after his death. At some point, he successfully freed his soul from Malebolgia and now fights alongside Heaven. Five years after Al Simmons was killed by Jason Wynn and Jessica Priest, Cogliostro became his mentor and teaching him how to use his neroplasm armor and supernatural abilities against his killers.


Like in the comics, Cogliostro appears as the deuteragonist of the animated series and was voiced by Richard Dysart. However, his background is much different from his comic counterpart, where he was a knight during his age of chivalry and became a Hellspawn, earning the name the Black Knight. However, once he found his servitude to Malebolgia is a violation of his honor, he used black magic to free himself from the demon lord, becoming Merlin of the Arthurian Legend. From then on, in order to redeem himself, he sought to save one Hellspawn, Al Simmons, who was pledging himself to his teachings at the end of the third season, Spawn 3: The Ultimate Battle.

Video Game

Cogliostro appears as a playable character in the 2000 Dreamcast videogame Spawn: In the Demon's Hand and was voiced by Philip Sheperd.


Your solution to all this? Kill what you don't understand, let your ignorance rule those government-trained homicidal instincts
~ Coglisotro to Spawn in issue #34.
Come on, boy. Capture it. Control it. Harness its power. You must if any of us are going to live through this, you have to learn how to cage the demons.
~ Coglisotro to Spawn in issue #49.

Powers and Abilities

Cogliostro is a master swordsman, able to use magic, and was one of the former rulers of hell.


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