Cohila is a villain of Extreme Ghostbusters. He is an ancient South American insect demon.


According to legend, Cohilia is the king of a breed of devil bugs, with the intention of seeking a mate to become his queen. Also referred to as the Incan lord of evil, Cohila was buried with a magic talisman to make sure he stays dormant to prevent his swarm of bugs from invading the Earth.

However, in 1997, Cohila's tomb was discovered in the jungles of modern-day Latin America and acquired by the Museum of History in New York. A pair of thieves broke into the museum in an attempt to steal the talisman, but this only inadvertently awakened Cohila, who spitted several bug spores into the thieves' mouths and allowed them to flee the scene to serve as incubators. Cohila then sought to rebuild his hive and take over the world by finding a mate as soon as possible.

To that end, he took human form and referred to himself as Gregor Samsa as he searched throughout New York. He eventually settled for Janine Melnitz, who had a benevolent care to insects and bugs in general. Engaging in a relationship with "Gregor", Janine attempts to use this to make Egon jealous, though it wasn't the case when Cohila revealed his true form and intentions to Janine before kidnapping her.

Settling down at his new hive beneath the sewers, Cohila uses his bug swarm to transform Janine into an insectoid version of herself, much to the arriving Ghostbusters' shock. Egon persuades Janine to fight back against Cohila's control, to which she does by secretly taking possession of a Ghost Trap and using it to trap Cohila and his swarm for good. 


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