The Coily Rattler

The Coily Rattler is one of the seven main bosses in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is fought within the temple that is found within World 4: Wild World.

The Coily Rattler is worshiped by the People of the Sky as a deity. However, he became a virus upon the world of Floralia, so his former worshipers abandoned him for their safety.


The Coily Rattler is a large snake. He has golden plating over his body. His head is orange, possessing a single green bead in the centre. His statue form is entirely grey.

The Holo Defense API creates a green version of the Coily Rattler with a blue head.


Kirby: Triple Deluxe

The Coily Rattler is fought within the temple of World 4: Wild World. When he is introduced, he is first seen trapped within the stone statue. Kirby chases Taranza into the temple that houses the place Coily Rattler lairs in, but Taranza uses his magic to break the stone seal. The Coily Rattler is awakened from his rest assumes that Kirby disturbed him. Kirby now has no choice but to fight the Floralians's former god before he can continue.

The Coily Rattler can attack with fire breath. He can also roll into a wheel to crush Kirby's body underneath his. Another attack has the Coily Rattler split himself into twelve pieces. Kirby now has to keep on his toes as the Coily Rattler tries to crush him underneath himself. The Coily Rattler's head is the last piece, enabling the pink puff to damage him.

Once he loses his stamina, the Coily Rattler falls off the platform and tries to climb up the central pillar of the room. His attempts are futile, and his body explodes, but his head ejects from the body and charges at the platform, only to explode, killing him.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Holo-Coily Rattler appears as one of the summons from the Holo Defense API. He fights similarly to the Coily Rattler, although his attacks emit electricity instead of fire.


  • The Coily Rattler bears a similar name to the Fatty Puffer in terms of final syllable.
  • He is rather named ironically. His basis does not have a rattle.

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