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Well fellas, it's been fun... SEE YA!
~ Cole successfully leaves Jamie and Alex to be eaten

Cole is the main human/secondary antagonist in the 2012 horror film, Two Headed Shark Attack. He is an obnoxious, vituperative, insulting, grumpy, and arrogant individual.

He was portrayed by Geoff Ward.


Cole is first seen on the ship, arrogantly proving what a kickass person he is. He annoys many people on the ship, including Kate and Professor Babish. Cole is the only one unconcerned when the ship is attacked by the Two-Headed Shark and he remains calm throughout. Cole has only one concern: to survive.

Cole tries unsuccessfully to flirt with the ladies when Kate asks him why he bothers using an energy drink because it tastes disgusting, Cole says "For the muscles." Haley is seen smirking lustfully behind.   

After, Cole is a brat when he takes a boat with Jeff and Mike back to the shore from the boat. Suddenly, the Shark erupts out of the sea because Cole's boat has an extremely loud engine. He then jumps around in his seat, getting edgy with no need to be a hero.

Finally getting the better of him, Cole's fear takes its toll, he leaps into the ocean after gleefully and sadistically bidding farewell to Jeff and Mike. He gladly leaves them to be devoured. Cole's cowardice is seen in front of the entire remaining student body. For his cruel act, Cole is given a thrashing by Kate when he gets ashore.  

Arrogantly, Cole sticks to his survival instincts rather than saving his friends, and he now despises them for turning their backs on him. However, Cole goes back to the boat with Kate to fix the hull. Cole narrowly escapes an attack by the Shark, the deckhands get eaten instead.  

Afterward, Cole goes back to the island to regroup but the atoll starts shaking and sinking because it's volcanic. In terror, Cole flees, being the only one sensible to get to the boats. Cole takes off into the boat, and he heads out to sea, essentially saying fuck you to his friends. However, Cole is desperate to be rescued, so he contacts the authorities on his phone. The Shark is drawn to the noise and it bites Cole's raft, sinking it, and eventually chomping into Cole. Cole's last words as he is killed by the Shark are: "I'M BEING ATTACKED BY A TWO-HEADED SHARK!"