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Cole is the secondary antagonist of the 2016 psychological horror thriller film The Boy.

He is the ex boyfriend of Greta Evans. who was abusive to Greta when they were dating.

He was portrayed by Ben Robson.


The Boy

Cole was dating Greta Evans however the relationship turned abusive and many of Greta's friends and family begged Greta to leave Cole, however she would not leave Cole as he swore up and down that he would change and stopped being abusive until he went off again one time and caused Greta (who was pregnant at the time) to miscarry.

After miscarrying, Greta filed a restraining order against Cole, however Cole did not care about the order and came to Greta's sister's house and intimidated Greta's 10-year old nephew into telling him Greta's current address which was in Britain, and Cole then flew to Britain and arrived at the Heelshire mansion to take Greta back home to Montana, by force if necassary, while there he also meets Malcom, Greta's new love interest, who waits outside the house in case Cole does something to Greta, who asks Brahms for help in getting rid of Cole. Brahms tries to help by writing the words "Get Out" in rat blood above Cole while he sleeps.

Cole is awakened by some of the blood dripping on his face and he is not intimidated by the blood as he believes Greta wrote it to scare him away, he tries to force Greta to explain the blood and Malcom who heard Cole's yelling arrives in the room she inadvertently tells Cole that Brahms did it, enraged Cole smashes the Brahms doll but then house begins to shake and the three hears noises behind the walls. The mirror on the wall explodes; from a hole behind it emerges the real, now-adult Brahms wearing a porcelain mask identical to the doll's face; after surviving the fire, Brahms has been living in the walls of the house and is abnormal. Brahms then overpowers and kills Cole with a mirror shard, then turns on Malcolm and Greta.