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Two grand is a f###ing bargain! I could go to jail for this sh*t.
~ Pervert Cole.
Who's doing that?! What kind of sick f### spies on somebody?
~ Cole after being exposed by DedSec.

Cole Laing, also known as Pervert Cole, is a minor character in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2. He is a Haum executive who uses the home security cameras to spy on children and sell the footage in illegal transactions.

Events in Watch Dogs

Cole's activities are tracked by DedSec, and Marcus Holloway is keen to give him a taste of his own medicine. The player can then hack into Cole's building where he is negotiating a sale with an online customer called Grizz. The player can do numerable things to interfere with Cole's perverted dealings including; sending audio to mess with his earpiece, deleting his footage, as well as hacking into his data box to reveal that DedSec have exposed him. Either way, Cole storms out of his room. Sitara reveals that Marcus' intrusion is already circulating and that Cole will be dealt with in time.

After a while, a news report states that Cole was exposed having used Haum security to spy on children. He was likely arrested for both abusing his power at Haum, as well as circulating the footage amongst perverted individuals.


A detestable pervert with a liking for children. Cole shows to be an irritable person, who is very much interested in the money he can make for selling his footage to other pedophiles. He also appears to be rude and dismissive towards his wife.

He also shows to be a hypocrite, as he condemns DedSec for spying on him if Marcus hacks his data box.


  • According to his profile, Cole Laing's information is blocked by a proxy, this could be Haum's doing or the people he deals with.


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