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This is gonna hurt! A lot!
~ Watson while assaulting Jennifer

Cole Watson is a major antagonist in I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine, the third film in the remake timeline of the I Spit on Your Grave saga. He is a violent personal trainer and sex offender who becomes a target of the film's protagonist, Jennifer Hills.


Cole Watson was the owner of a gym in Los Angeles when he molested a girl named Emma Kosca. Emma's father Oscar persuaded her to report him to the police and Cole was arrested. During his trial, the police lost the DNA evidence that proved Cole's guilt and he was found not guilty. Emma became depressed and killed herself shortly after. Oscar attempted to make customers at the gym aware of Cole's crimes, but Cole sued him and got a restraining order.

During the events of the film, Oscar attends a support group to talk about his daughter's suicide. Coincidentally, the group is also attended by assault victim-turned-vigilante Jennifer Hills, going under the alias Angela Jitrenka. Jennifer takes an interest in Emma's case due to the legal system having failed her, as one of her attackers was a cop. Oscar tells her that Cole sold the gym and is now a personal trainer at a place on 17th Street.

Jennifer waits for Cole outside his workplace and follows him into a dark alley. Here, Cole reveals that he knows Jennifer is following him and brutally beats her. He easily overpowers her before preparing to rape her, but she tases and temporarily incapacitates him long enough for the police to arrive, having become suspicious of Jennifer's activities and started following her. Cole accuses them of using Jennifer as bait to entrap him and advances on the cops, prompting Detective McDylan to shoot him multiple times.