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Colin Grimshaw is a supporting antagonist in the British soap opera Coronation Street. He appeared from December 2008 to May 2009.

He is the father of Eileen Grimshaw as well as the grandfather of both Jason Grimshaw and Todd Grimshaw. It is later revealed that Colin had sexually abused Eileen's best friend Paula Carp when the latter was 14, which resulted in Paula concieving Colin's long-lost daughter - Julie Carp.

The character was portrayed by Edward de Souza.


Colin Grimshaw first came to Weatherfield in December 2008, reuniting with his daughter Eileen along with her eldest son Jason; her other son, Todd, has left the square nearly over a year ago. They celebrated Christmas together in the year and Colin began to settle his life in Weatherfield.

In 2009, Colin embarked on a relationship with local shopkeeper Rita Fairclough. This continued after Rita helped Colin make amends with Eileen, as she had briefly resented him for his unreliability ever since he split up with her late mother back in the 1980s. Later on he planned to propose marriage to Rita at The Rovers Return Inn public house in front of her friends Emily Bishop and Norris Cole, as well as his own family along with Jason's romantic partner Julie Carp.

The celebrations for Colin's engagement to Rita was abrupted when Eileen's old best friend, Paula, entered in the pub to confront Jason over his apparent romance with Julie. She soon publicly revealed that Jason and Julie are in fact related; that Julie is actually Jason's aunty, therefore making Julie and Eileen half-sisters. Colin reacted uncomfortably with Paula's presence. When she noticed this, however, she then reveals that Colin is responsible for her giving birth to Julia in the first place. It turns out that Colin seduced Paula back when she was 14, up to the point where he sexually abused and grommed her overtime before eventually getting her pregnant with Julia. However, Colin was never made aware of Julia's relation to him at the time.

With his past exposed, Rita promptly broke up with him out of disgust whilst Colin is disowned by his family for the extent of his secret. Eileen in particular goes to hate her father, even when he later gets hospilatized for his poor heart condition.

Later in May 2009, Paula told the police what Colin did to her and they later arrived to question Colin about the allegations. But the visit ended in tragedy when Colin died from a fatal stroke in the midst of his interrogation.



  • He made a total of 38 appearences during his time on the show.