Colin Weasler is the secondary antagonist in The Mummy: Animated Series.


Colin Weasler was originally an archaeologist for the British Museum of Antiquities. However, he became jealous of his colleague, Evelyn O' Connell which reached its boiling point after O' Connell gained the promotion which he believed he rightfully deserved. Furious, he later stole the Book of the Dead and ventured to the tomb of Imhotep where he resurrected him in the hopes of making him his slave and gain fame by discovering a genuine mummy. This however backfired as Imhotep had no intention of serving Weasler. In fact, Colin Weasler became Imhotep's servant. For the entire series, Weasler used his knowledge to guide Imhotep to ancient artifacts and around the modern world.


Colin Weasler is a selfish and egotistical coward. He is very greedy and is always looking for riches which he thinks to gain from Imhotep. Weasler usually acts brave but constantly submits when in a dangerous situation. Despite this, he has been known to be a physical threat. In "The Cold" Weasler is shown to be traitorous as he quickly betrays Imhotep when he gains power though when he loses this power he quickly returns to his original submissive state.


  • Colin is similar to Rene Belloq; they are archaeologists who seek to topple their arch-rivals and are willing to betray people to get what they want.