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Out here, I have NO superiors! I am in full command! You are alone here.... abandoned by your government. (Trautman: What do you want?) Cooperation! This sector has been under total control for over five years, and there is little more I can do for you. It is as you say.... without challenges. If you supply to me worthy information about more stinger missiles you're planning to deliver, it could provide a way out for us both. After all, in the end, what everyone really wants..... is peace.
~ Zaysen interrogating Trautman.

Colonel Alexei Zaysen is the main antagonist in the 1988 film Rambo III. He is a sadistic Soviet commander who runs a prison camp during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the man responsible for the capture of Colonel Sam Trautman.

He was portrayed by the late Marc de Jonge.


Zaysen was a brutal Soviet commander in charge of a region in Afghanistan. As Col. Sam Trautman prepares to move supplies for the Mujahideen, Zaysen appears in a helicopter and captures Trautman and the rest of his men. As his men Sergeant Kourov and Tomask deliver a captive Trautman to his office, Zaysen intends to coerce him into giving out locations of stinger missiles. Despite an annoyed Trautman telling that he doesn't know anything about any missiles, Zaysen refuses to believe him and orders Kourov to torture him.

During Trautman's torture, Zaysen was informed by a Pakistani shop assistant that Trautman's protege John Rambo has arrived and is formulating a rescue plot with the Mujahideen (including the assistant's former employer Mousa Ghani). With this information, Zaysen led a helicopter attack on the village where Rambo and Mousa are residing in, resulting numerous casualties (though Rambo and Mousa survived along with several other Mujahideen).

That night, Rambo and Mousa tried to blow up the base while rescuing Trautman, but they failed, forcing them to escape despite killing many of Zaysen's men. The next day, an infuriated Zaysen leads up a manhunt against Rambo, who was able to rescue Trautman and the remaining captured Afghan villagers from Zaysen's military base. As the heroes finally escaped, Zaysen angrily ordered his men to track down Rambo and Trautman at all costs, telling them that they shouldn't reach the border.

Following the deaths of Kourov and Tomask, Zaysen laid down a final attack at the border to corner both Rambo and Trautman, though this was foiled when the arriving Mujahideen forces outnumber Zaysen's men, killing them all. This allows Rambo to commandeer a tank and ram its big gun into Zaysen's helicopter, killing Zaysen and his helicopter crew in a big explosion.


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