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Colonel Axton Cowell is one of the antagonists from Crackdown. He is the guardian director and one of the generals of Shai-Gen Corporation.


Colonel Axton Cowell behave as Shai-Gen's Defense Director, supplying waterproof defense for "the big fish".

From the top floor of his War Room, Cowell safeguard track of all key figures and incidents spreading the city, prepared to act when the need looms up, typically to stop trouble until it begins.

It's not evident the reason this greatly decorated ex-Special Forces legend has organized himself with the Shai-Gen but his presence is a important obstacle to justice.


Colonel Axton Cowell's demise is favorable twice. Without his all-seeing eye to orientate it and his respectable security system to protect it, Shai-Gen is much defenseless than ever before.

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