I did my duty and I feel no remorse.
~ Bagley shows his callousness when remembering his massacring Native American women and children.

Colonel Bagley is one of the two main villains of the movie The Last Samurai. He is an American Soldier who represents the United State's military presence in Japan while the states attempt to pursue an alliance with Japan. Though Omura is technically the main villain, Bagley's being a rampant xenophobe and supremacist who has murdered women and children makes him come off as far more evil.

He is played by Tony Goldwyn, who also played Carl Bruner in Ghost and Michael Drucker in The 6th Day, and is based off of Colonel Custer.


Colonel Bagley first appears as the main character Nathan Algren's superior officer. Algren despises Bagley for his massacring Native American women and children, atrocities that Bagley admits to feeling no remorse for.  Despite the animosity between them, Bagley still desires to see Algren recruited for his expedition to Japan, which Algren reluctantly concedes to. He winds up getting captured by samurai forces, leaving Bagley to train the inexperienced Japanese soldiers on his own. Learning from his mistake for not listening to Nathan in the first place about sending untrained soldiers to their death, under Bagley's leadership they become much more efficient and dangerous, also being armed with American weapons such as cannons and Gatling guns as well as showing no sign of panic like the first battle against the samurai.  

During the final battle, Bagley is shocked to find Algren among the samurai and warns him that to him he will be just another enemy. Unconcerned, Algren tells Bagley that he will be looking for him on the battlefield and at last make him pay for his crimes. Sure enough, in the climax of the fight, Algren leads the few surviving samurai on a doomed charge, and at last kills his nemesis by hurling his katana like a javelin into Bagley's chest.

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