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Colonel Breyton is the secondary antagonist of the 1992 live action film The Power of One. He is the ruthless leader of the South African Police.

He was portrayed by late Brain O'Shaughnessy.


He first appears when he is summoned by Professor Daniel Marais to start an investigation of the famous boxer PK (the protagonist of the film) over his intentions of helping out open a multiracial boxing gym and a school to help black people learn English. To that end, Breyton sends over his right-hand, Sergeant Jaapie Botha (PK's childhood archenemy and the primary antagonist of the film) to spy on PK, thus resulting the closure of both the gym and school, much to the anger of PK and his companions. The feud comes into circle when Breyton and his men barged into a multiracial church and initate a violent raid on the attendants. This results the death of PK's love interest Maria Marais (the daughter of Daniel Marais), much to both Daniel and PK's dismay. A night following after Maria's death, Breyton leads a violent raid on the city of Alexandra, resulting the deaths of many of his men and several other citizens. Breyton later meets his end when Gideon Duma (a close friend of PK) throws a spear through Breyton's chest, killing him instantly.

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