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Colonel Bundt is a colonel for the United Earth Sphere Alliance in Gundam Wing. Alternate spellings for his name are Bunt or Bunte. He only appeared in Episode 12, Bewildered Warriors.

He is voiced by Michael Dobson.


Bundt is the ring leader of the men who assassinated the original Heero Yuy, as they disagreed with his plans for peace and declared independence. Bundt terrorized a village during the time in which Oz took control of the Alliance. Sally Po and inhabitants of the village fought against him.

Eventually Bundt decided to take Treize's side, betraying and killing the rest of his men, including Major Nanaki. With Oz's Aries mobile suits, Bundt fought against Sally and they killed the two fighters with her, but before they could kill Sally, Wufei entered the battle with his Gunfam. Wufei grabbed an Aries and threw it into Bundt's ship, blowing it up and obliterating Bundt.

Bundt is briefly alluded to in Episode 48, Takeoff into Confusion. Treize mentions his name among those of some of the casualties of the war, others being Marshal Noventa, General Septum, General Ventei, Vice Foreign Minister Darlian, Officer Walker, and Lieutenant Otto. Treize said "Their names are all etched into my heart." Shortly after, Treize himself was killed by Wufei.

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