Colonel Felme

Colonel Felme is a villainess from Zoids Genesis. She is a blue-haired Digald pilot who pilots Bio Ptera, a flying Digald Zoid. She likes taking bubble baths a lot and seems comfortable with men seeing her naked as she is seen many times having conversations with men while she is in a bathtub.


Colonel Felme is completely comfortable bathing in front of males

She's often teamed up with Souta to help defeat the Digald Suppression Army, but she only considers her partner as a tool. She was actually a citizen of Sora City like Jiin, sent to watch Digald, but turned against her former home out of sheer boredom. Toward the end of the war, she defected and saved Zairin from certain death while facing Jiin. Her last act of goodwill would be flying in to save Souta (renamed Gin); she was ultimately killed when Jiin, in his Bio-Tyranno, threw Souta's Lanstag's lance at her Bio-Ptera.


Felme is a highly detached person, with no real personality nor motivation other than to do exciting things. When bored (which is most of the time), she usually relaxes in a bath of some description. She is only really seen to have some connection to people in the moments before she dies, where she desperately tries to save Souta from Jiin's Bio Tyranno.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot

Felme rarely fights with other pilots head-on, due to her having a flying Zoid. She does duel with Kotona on more than one occasion. She would initially best Kotona, due to her Zoid being faster and more agile, but when the Rainbow Jerk is upgraded later on, she would not have so much success. In the latter portion of the series, she would usually just leave the fighting to her troops, and not partake in battle herself.


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