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Jacques Bouvar
My dear Colonel Bouvar. I don't think you should've opened that car door by yourself.
~ James Bond before fighting Bouvar.

Jacques Bouvar is the opening antagonist in the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball.

He was a French colonel and SPECTRE Number 6.

He was portrayed by the late English stuntman Bob Simmons.


In 1965 he faked his death to escape the attention of MI6 as he had killed two agents, and his "funeral" was attended by James Bond and Mademoiselle La Porte. Bouvar was also present, diguised as his own widow. Bond watched him leave and deduced his true identity when "Widow Bouvar" opened his own car door. Bond followed him back to his French chateau and confronted him, resulting in a brutal fistfight breaking out between the two. Bond eventually gained the upper hand and strangled Bouvar to death with a fire poker.




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Jacques Bouvar
Jacques Bouvar

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