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Lieutenant Colonel Killing is a Zeon officer overseeing their forces in Side 6 and the primary antagonist of the six-episode Mobile Suit Gundam: War in the Pocket OVA.

Though a part of Kycilia Zabi's fleet, Killing is a fervent loyalist for Gihren Zabi, personally worshipping him and being heavily influenced by his ideology. He sought to destroy Side 6 with a nuclear bombardment in order to eliminate all Federation activity in it.


Colonel Killing was in charge of Operation Rubicon, an attempt to capture the Earth Federation's newest mobile suit, the RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex". However, Killing desired to gain support for his own plan for his own plan to drive out the Federation and neutralize the Alex Gundam, a total nuclear bombardment of Side 6. To gain permission for his brutal plan, Killing deliberately sabotaged Operation Rubicon in order to leave the Zeon forces there with no other apparent option. Despite Operation Rubicon's failure, Killing's superior, Major General Rugens, overruled Killing's plans and prevented the bombardment from taking place. Rather than listen to Rugens, Killing chose to murder him and and order the attack anyway.

Killing orders the bombardment to be at 12:00 am on Christmas Day, with the attack carried out by a fleet under the command of Colonel Von Helsing's fleet. However, Von Helsing's fleet was captured by Federation forces only a few hours before the time of the launch, foiling Killing's plan.

Though his fate is not shown in War in the Pocket it is revealed in the MS ERA pictorial that, upon hearing of the death of Gihren Zabi, Killing committed suicide by shooting himself in front of Gihren's portrait.


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