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Colonel Kubritz is a major antagonist of the Dreamworks computer-animated TV series trilogy Tales of Arcadia, appearing as the secondary antagonist in 3Below.

She is the corrupt Commanding Officer of Area 49-B, a top secret government facility that hunted for aliens on Earth. She is also the former boss of Sergeant Costas, who became worried about her alliance with General Morando.

She was voiced by Uzo Aduba.



Little is known about Kubritz's past. What is known, however, is that she had been trained to catch aliens at any cost. Over the years, she captured many and worked her way up towards the rank of Commanding Officer of Area 49-B. Several years later, Colonel Kubritz found and took Stuart prisoner, who managed to escape her facility.


Part 1

The Tarrons and Stuart go to Area 49-B to recover a component to make the Daxial Array, which is what they need to fix the Mothership, but Kubritz and her men tries to capture them all, as well as Stuart who she intends to recapture. However, Buster helps them all escape from Kubritz, who claims that she will find them.

Part 2

Stuart eventually returns to Area 49-B to recover his spaceship, and is successful in doing so. When Kubritz tries to get her soldiers to track it down, they were unable to because they never put a tracking device on it, due to them not knowing it was able to fly even after it crash-landed. However, Sergeant Costas eventually discovers that Tronos Madu has track the ship back to Earth, and tells so to Kubritz. Kubritz reveals that she and his men are going to Arcadia.


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