Colonel Kubritz is a major antagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing as the secondary antagonist of 3Below.

She is the corrupt Commanding Officer of Area 49-B, a top secret government facility that hunted for aliens on Earth. She is also the former boss of Sergeant Costas, who became worried about her alliance with General Morando.

She was voiced by Uzo Aduba.



Little is known about Kubritz's past. What is known, however, is that she had been trained to catch aliens at any cost. Over the years, she captured many and worked her way up towards the rank of Commanding Officer of Area 49-B. In the year 1986, Colonel Kubritz found and took Stuart prisoner, who managed to escape her facility.


Part 1

The Tarrons and Stuart go to Area 49-B to recover a component to make the Daxial Array, which is what they need to fix the Mothership, but Kubritz and her men tries to capture them all, as well as Stuart who she intends to recapture. However, Buster helps them all escape from Kubritz, who claims that she will find them.

Part 2

Stuart eventually returns to Area 49-B to recover his spaceship, and is successful in doing so. When Kubritz tries to get her soldiers to track it down, they were unable to because they never put a tracking device on it, due to them not knowing it was able to fly even after it crash-landed. However, Sergeant Costas eventually discovers that Tronos Madu has track the ship back to Earth, and tells so to Kubritz. Kubritz reveals that she and his men are going to Arcadia.

While Kubritz and her men manage to reach Arcadia, they are unable to find any witnesses. However, Kubritz finds suspicious activity in the power line, and she and her men soon apprehend Tronos. Because the both of them have a grudge against the Tarrons, they make a deal that if he brings her Aja and Krel, then she will let him free. To continue the hunt, Kubritz and her men arrive at Arcadia Oaks High and put everyone in lockdown, claiming that the school has a contagious disease inside. Kubritz eventually captures Aja and Krel with the help of Tronos, and after capturing them, she tells Aja that she intends to crush all extraterrestrial life on the planet. Then she knocks out Tronos as he is about to kill them because he disobeyed her orders. However, Kubritz is confronted by the rest of the students and Coach Lawrence just as she prepares to kill Aja and Krel. She says that it's because the two Tarrons are not from Arcadia and could spread disease to justify her actions, claiming that they're aliens, but everyone knows that it's only out of her racism. As the students start to make it go viral, Kubritz retreats with her forces.

Because of this, Kubritz starts to torture Tronos for his failure to seize the Royals, despite the fact that she stopped him from doing so previously. However, one of her men tells her that an asteroid the size of Arcadia is hurling towards Arcadia, unaware that Morando is the one who created it and Kubritz is using it to set up a trap to capture the Royals, and that Morando and Kubritz are working together. To make the plan work, Kubritz contacts them for help because they don't know how to handle Akiridion tech and only Aja and Krel's knowledge can help them stop the asteroid. Kubritz and the Royals make a deal that if they help her and her men destroy the asteroid, she will leave them alone for good. With the Royals' help, Kubritz's men create a weapon that destroys the asteroid, and Tronos powers it after being talked down by Aja. However, Kubritz turns back on her deal and intends for them to be taken captive anyway, something that Sergeant Costas is repulsed by. Tronos calls her out for not staying true to her word, and he is captured by Kubritz while the Tarrons escape.

When Kubritz meets Morando in person, the latter reveals that the asteroid was a diversion to distract the Royals from his arrival on Earth, and offers her OMENs that she could use for her schemes. After Kubritz shows him around Area 49-B, Morando kills Tronos for failing him. Next, Morando tells Kubritz about Gaylen's Core and its origins. However, she is eventually surprised when Aja accidentally enters Area 49-B because she carried Luug, who swallowed a wormhole generator created by Krel.

Following this, Kubritz attempts to lead the assault on the Mothership, but Morando takes the lead himself, telling her that it's too big of a job for a human. Costas tries to warn Kubritz about Morando's true intentions, but she blatantly ignores him. At night, Kubritz and her men isolate Mother while Morando and his OMENs attack. At one fight, Kubritz ends up getting her arm broken after a fight with Aja. Soon, Kubritz shoots LU-C Blank and RK-Y Blank (both disguised as Aja and Krel in their human forms), and she and her men take them as hostages along with Varvatos, Toby, AAARRRGGHH!!!, Steve, and Eli. Although the hostages manage to escape, Kubritz doesn't find out until she arrives at Area 49-B, and demands to know their whereabouts.

Kubritz finds out what memories Morando saw from King Fialkov and Queen Coranda, and tells Morando that she concluded that Gaylen's Core is hidden beneath Arcadia in a place inhabited by trollkind, unbeknownst to the modern world until a recent event, which was the Eternal Night created by the ancient witch Morgana. With that in mind, he gives Kubritz special armor made of Akiridion technology so she could use it for her schemes. After Morando returns from Trollmarket with Gaylen's Core, Kubritz continues to ignore Costas's warnings about her alliance with Morando, using one of Area 49-B's lasers to release Gaylen's Core from its crystal so that he could merge with it to become a god. When Costas asks Kubritz what crime they are charging the Tarrons for, she tells him that they will be charged for choosing the wrong side.

Costas soon lies to Kubritz about the Tarrons' whereabouts because he knows that he has to warn them about what happened and that Kubritz has gone insane, but Kubritz finds a way to draw them out: she uses the armor Morando gave her and attacks the Arcadia drive-in together with the OMENs that arrived upon Earth to force Aja and Krel to reveal themselves. When they do, Aja attempts to reason with Kubritz by telling her that Morando will betray her, but Kubritz doesn't believe her and tells her that she's only concerned with getting rid of her and Krel. Krel manages to trap Kubritz with one of his devices so he and Aja could kill Morando while he's still vulnerable, as it would take several hours for Morando to fully merge with Gaylen's Core, but they see that it's too late when they see that Morando is already fully merged with it by this point.

Eventually, Kubritz breaks free and has the OMENs to round up every citizen in Arcadia-Oaks for helping the Royals, effectively putting the town under hard lockdown, saying that anyone who refuses to surrender them to her will be forcefully detained. She manages to gather all citizens who knew of Aja and Krel, and tries to get them to tell her where the two Royals are now. Instead of doing what they're told, the citizens confuse her by claiming they are in different locations. They then defend Aja and Krel, even though Kubritz scorns them for doing such because she can't understand that they are accepting them into their society even though they are beings from a different planet. The citizens point out that the two Akiridions are more human than she ever was. Having had enough, Kubritz now intends to kill them all because they won't give her what she wants, but Varvatos and his allies defend them from Kubritz and the OMENs. Aja tries to reason with Kubritz, but the latter refuses to listen to her pleas and continues to attack her.

However, Morando arrives to Arcadia-Oaks imbued with Gaylen's Core, and upon seeing him in his much more powerful state, Kubritz realizes that he was never going to keep true to the promises he made toward her, and that she should've never trusted him in the first place. Furious, Kubritz realizes what she has done and weakens him with her weapons, pointing out that he promised to protect the Earth and not destroy it. However, Morando traps her beneath a vehicle and incinerates her with his lasers. It is unlikely that the citizens of Arcadia-Oaks knew about her weakening Morando nor would they ever see her as a hero because of her terrorist attacks on them.


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