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Think very carefully; the next word you say could determine the quality of the rest of your life
~ Colonel Silver unto Antique Shop Keeper
He kicks like... a donkey!
~ Colonel Silver after Goku kicked him hard in the stomach.

Colonel Silver is a villain in Dragon Ball and an American member of the Red Ribbon Army, working for Commander Red

He was voiced by Christopher R. Sabat. 


He was the first operative of the army Goku fights against in the desert region. A skilled boxer, he was seen defeating several professional prizefighters.

When he first started to search for the Dragon Balls, he had to take out the forces of Emperor Pilaf to obtain the Dragon Ball he found. While looking for the next Dragon Ball, he had his men tear down a forest with monkeys that Goku befriended lived in. Silver then demanded Goku's Dragon Ball before being easily defeated in a fight against Goku during, mostly because he underestimated Goku, leaving his guard down. When the news of his defeat got out through the rest of the army, he was called back to headquarters. Silver attempts to beg Commander Red for another chance, but Red states that there are no second chances in this army, and sent him away for his failure. Then Silver calmly walked out the door with two men pursuing him. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards, it is likely he was killed by the rest of the Red Ribbon army. In the manga, Silver was executed.  



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