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Colonel Surge (simply known as Surge) is the secondary antagonist in Season 15 of Red vs. Blue. He is an ex-Sim Trooper and member of the Blues and Reds.

He was voiced by Kent Williams.


Originally, Surge and the other Blues and Reds were stuck fighting over two bases in the middle of a box canyon. Years later, Surge and his fellow Sim Troopers learned the truth about their deployment; they were sold out by the UNSC as pawns to Project Freelancer to test their agents' skills. Angered by this revelation, Surge and the other Blues and Reds began carrying out attacks against the UNSC.

Surge, along with the other Blues and Reds, caught ID reporter Dylan Andrews snooping around Temple's office, and brought her and her cameraman, Jax Jonez, to a private room where Mark Temple reveal the motives behind their actions, as well as their intentions for their future plans.

Surge and the other Blues and Reds were later confronted by the Reds and Blues, who had grown suspicious of them. The Reds and Blues quickly deduced that the Blues and Reds were the "bad guys", but they outnumbered by the army of Simulation Troopers they had gathered. Therefore, Reds and Blues were forced to flee. Surge and Sarge (who had defected from the Reds and Blues so he could fulfill his wish to die in battle against the UNSC) chased after them but were stopped when the Reds and Blues sealed a door behind them.

After a fight with Sarge, Surge almost fell into an incinerator, only for Sarge to grab him at the last second. Surge tried to convince Sarge to let him go, so that he could die a soldier's death. However, Sarge replied by lecturing him about patriotism. Unfortunately, Sarge accidentally let go of Surge while doing a salute, causing him to fall to his death.


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