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Villain Overview

Colonel Bakarashin Iinodevitch Zol is a high-ranking member of Shocker and a major antagonist in the original 1971 Kamen Rider series.

A former Nazi, Zol joined Shocker after the end of World War II and rose to become one of the organization's top executives. He is the first Shocker commander faced by the Kamen Riders, being summoned to Japan to deal with Kamen Rider #2. Because of his cybernetic implants, Zol has the power to transform into the kaijin Wolf Man.

He was portrayed by the late Jirō Miyaguchi.



Colonel Zol was originally born in Leipzig, Germany. He later became a Nazi and eventually rose to be an elite SS officer, being assigned to the Auschwitz concentration camp. While working there, Zol served as the superior of General Monster, a future Neo-Shocker member. During his time at Auschwitz, Zol lost an eye due to a gas leak and covered its scar with an eye patch.

After World War II ended, Zol was one of the high-ranking Nazis who managed to escape and was invited to join Shocker by its Great Leader. Zol accepted and chose to keep his old Nazi uniform as a show of pride in his past despite being a war criminal. After joining Shocker, Zol went under a process to receive cybernetic implants, increasing his strength and effectively making him immortal.

Zol was placed in charge of Shocker's Middle East branch, bringing a wave of destruction there to build Shocker's utopia. He also developed his own personal regiment within Shocker's forces signified by his personal symbol, the Shocker emblem but with the eagle's head replaced by the head of a wolf.

Kamen Rider

Colonel Zol.jpg

Colonel Zol was later called to lead Shocker's Japanese branch to improve its success following resistance from the Kamen Riders. He arrived to take over a scheme by Antlion Thunder to create sinkholes all around the city in order to trap Kamen Rider, leading many innocent civilians to get caught in them in the process. To ensure the Kamen Rider and his human ally, FBI agent Kazuya Taki, would not interfere, Zol disguised himself as Kazuya Taki in order to frame the real Taki and get him in trouble. After Zol in the guise of Taki assaulted a group of police officers, the real Taki was arrested after one of the injured officers identified Taki as the culprit. Zol later used his Taki guise to gain entrance into the Tachibana Racing Club and plant a bomb on the Rider Machine, only for Kamen Rider 2 and the real Taki to arrive just in time to stop Zol. Zol then lifted his guise and fought the two for a brief bit before fleeing the scene.

Zol's next scheme involved having the kaijin Mukaderas kidnap several intelligent children so they could be brainwashed into loyal henchmen of Shocker as part of Shocker's "Junior Shocker" program. Among the children abducted were Goro Ishikawa of the Tachibana Racing Club and his classmate Namie. After being taught by Mukaderas how to fight and wield Shocker's weapons, the "Junior Shocker" was sent to the Tachibana Racing Club to defeat Kamen Rider. However, Kamen Rider was able to track down Mukaderas while Taki held off the Junior Shocker members and defeat the kaijin, freeing the children from its mind control.

Colonel Zol's kaijin form, Wolf Man.

On Christmas Eve, Zol arranged a meeting with several other high-level executives of Shocker to discuss their ultimate plan "Operation Wolf", which would involve setting loose a Wolf virus to mutate the populous into werewolf kaijin. After a test run of the virus was sighted by a little orphan girl, Zol ordered the girl found and executed in order to ensure their plan would not be leaked out. However, they were unable to track her down before she reported Shocker's plans to Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2 and FBI Agent Kazuya Taki.

After Hayato and Kazuya infiltrate the party Zol was holding between Shocker executives, Zol assumes his Wolf Man kaijin form to confront the Rider himself. After a lengthy battle, Wolf Man was toppled off a cliff and destroyed by Kamen Rider #2.

Kamen Rider V3

Colonel Zol after being resurrected.

Zol later returned after he was resurrected alongside fellow Shocker executives Dr. Shinigami, Ambassador Hell and General Black by Doktor G to initiate Operation: Japan Annihilation using a new poison gas called Girard Gamma. When Ambassador Hell was captured by V3 Zol attempted to kill both of them but was stopped by the Great Leader of Destron, who stated that they cannot afford to lose Ambassador Hell, allowing V3 to go as he pleased. He was later killed along with the other Shocker commanders when Destron's base self-destructed.

Kamen Rider Decade

Colonel Zol's identity was later taken by Narutaki, who teamed up with Super Doctor Shinigami to form Super Shocker from the remnants of Dai-Shocker. His guise was later lifted after he was knocked away by Doras, prompting Narutaki to flee.


  • Zol's Gold Wolf Man form appears as a boss in the video games Kamen Rider Club, Kamen Rider SD: Sortie!! Rider Machines and the Kamen Rider game for the Super Famicom.
  • Colonel Zol is considered to be the first villain "executive" (幹部, kanbu) in the Kamen Rider franchise. He would later be the inspiration for General Monster in Kamen Rider (Skyrider).

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