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I'm sick and tired of Philistines like you ERASING all of my hard work, man. You probably haven't heard of me, right? Figures. When was the last time you even went to a gallery? Pfft. Don't answer. I'm gonna give you an art lesson for free. The name's Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th. I represent the Legion of Stationery, I'll have you know! Anyway, I'm guarding this streamer, and I'll scribble on your flat face if that's what it takes to stop you.
~ Colored Pencils to Mario.
Feast your eyes upon my art-senal! Twelve colored pencils, ready to make your paper bodies my canvas!
~ Colored Pencils

Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th, also called simply Colored Pencils or The Missile Maestro, is a major antagonist in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is a member of King Olly's Legion of Stationery, guards the red origami streamer, and is the first member of the Legion to fight Mario. As its name implies, Colored Pencils resembles a red coloring pencil case that contains twelve pencils of different colors.


Colored Pencils and the rest of the Legion of Stationery were created from ordinary stationery as his strongest minions. They were later deployed across the Mushroom Kingdom to guard the Streamers surrounding Peach's Castle with Colored Pencils being sent to the Overlook Tower. After getting there, King Olly apparently used his stolen Earth Vellumental powers to raise it into the air. Once Mario entered the Overlook Tower, it first attacked them with pencils when they tried to take the elevator to the top floor, then continued to send them raining down across the Tower to try and kill him. As he and his friend Olivia made their way up the tower, Mario had to climb carefully as Colored Pencils launched pencil missiles at him from random directions, but Mario eventually reached the very top of the Overlook Tower. Mario later attempted to dislodge the streamer, but his jump attack failed to dismantle it and Colored Pencils ambushed him and introduced itself, whilst introducing the Legion of Stationery and fought him to have new drawing paper.

During the first phase of its boss fight, Colored Pencils launches its pencils at Mario, dealing two damage per pencil (only one damage if guarded). Their defensive technique involves it shooting some of its pencils into the air. These will rain down on different sections of the map, dealing damage if Mario steps on the board icon they're locked on to.

Mario has to get behind Colored Pencils and close the boss's lid with either a hammer attack or a 1,000-Fold Arms technique, causing its pencil missiles to explode inside its mouth and dealing around thirty-six damage in the process, minus three per pencil Colored Pencils had launched on its prior turn. When this happens, Colored Pencils will get stunned and be forced to skip its next turn. However, it will regain consciousness on the second turn after it gets stunned, biting Mario with its Snap Shut technique for twelve damage and reloading its arsenal.

After Mario gets the boss's health below half, Colored Pencils enters its second phase and uses its Rainbow Roll technique. This prevents its lid from being closed and allows it to shoot its pencils three at a time, dealing three damage per pencil. Mario has to use his 1,000-Fold Arms to grab the roll and repeatedly slam it into the inside of the boss's mouth, dealing massive damage. For a few turns, Colored Pencils will be forced to perform its Snap Shut technique, which is now weakened.

As it died, Colored Pencils criticized Mario as it thought he had been better in sidescroller games. Its body then fell flat on the ground, exploded, and all drawings that were made by it vanished.

After Olivia's wish reverts her brother's actions, Colored Pencils turns back into a regular coloring pencil case.


Colored Pencils, simply enough, is a gigantic red pencil case, with King Olly's face on the top of its lid. Inside its casing is a pair of twelve multi-colored pencils, with it can summon at will and fire like missiles. It can also merge these pencils together for its Rainbow Roll attack. Closing its lid also prevents Colored Pencils from launching its arsenal successfully, causing primed shots to instead fire while still inside it, with this being harmful to it.


As with all of the Legion of Stationery, besides the Stapler since it was a dog, Colored Pencils was a stereotype. In this case, Colored Pencils was a pretentious artist type so obsessed with its work that it was happy to murder people to create more of its "masterpieces".

Powers and Abilities

  • Reload: Colored Pencils could shut its lid and reload its pencils in seconds seemingly ad-infinitum.
  • Pencil Rain: Colored Pencils could fire off six pencils to hover over spots like targeted missiles.
    • Missile Lock: If Mario stopped under the target reticles, they would rain down and deal additional damage to what Colored Pencils other attacks would cause.
  • Snap Shut: Colored Pencil's weakest attack where it ran up to Mario and snapped its case shut in front of Mario to slap him with.
  • Levitation: Colored Pencils could levitate its pencils and spin them in a big circle after getting down to half health.
    • Rainbow Roll: Colored Pencils' most powerful attack where it levitated its pencils in its body in a big circle. It would then fire them at Mario three at a time to deal massive damage.
      • Unshuttable Lid: Colored Pencils' Rainbow Roll prevented the lid from being closed due to obstructing the hinge.


  • Closed Lid: Closing its lid prevented Colored Pencils from launching their arsenal successfully, causing primed shots to instead fire while still inside them to deal major damage, which also stuns it for a turn and allowed for even greater damage.
  • Rainbow Roll: Despite being its most dangerous attack, Colored Pencils' greatest weakness was its Rainbow Roll. With it active, Mario could grab the Pencils with his 1000-Fold Arms and slam it into the case for devastating damage.


Aw, man! You were almost out of the picture... for good.
~ Colored Pencils' first words after Mario dodges a surprise pincer attack from its missiles.
Locked on targets!
~ Colored Pencils after targeting board icons with its lock-on missiles for the first time.
They ALL missed?! No... my missiles are flawless! It's the TARGET that's all wrong!
~ Colored Pencils after Mario dodges all of their lock-on board missiles for the first time.
No! NO! My lid is closed! I can't stop my missiles!
~ Colored Pencils after Mario shuts its lid for the first time.
Ha! Nice try!
~ Colored Pencils if Mario shuts its lid when there aren't missiles in its mouth.
Reload complete! And I have plenty more where these came from!
~ Colored Pencils after reloading its missiles for the first time.
Ugh. Everyone's a critic. I won't let my work be disrespected like this! Time to roll out my masterpiece. Behold my Rainbow Roll!
~ Colored Pencils before revealing their Rainbow Roll attack to Mario.
Ugh... no way. Defeated by a no-name, no-talent piece of disgusting POP CULTURE! You were better when you were a sidescroller, man...
~ Colored Pencils' last words before their demise.





  • Colored Pencils' dialogue text consists of the text being in multiple different colors.


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