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The Colossus of Rhodes is an enormous bronze statue brought to life by Zeus to murder Kratos. It serves as the first boss in God of War II.


The Colossus was built in the bay of the City of Rhodes to honor Helios. After Kratos appeared to deliver the final blow to the besieged city and secure victory for his Spartan Army, Zeus appeared in eagle form and drained some of his Godly power, which he used to give life to the Colossus. The statue broke free of its base and strode through the city, heading right for Kratos.

The Ghost of Sparta proceeded to battle the Colossus while fighting his way through the city, succeeding in stabbing out its right eye, cutting

The Colossus about to confront Kratos for the final time

gouges in its cheeks, and removing its left hand. After this, Zeus called down to Kratos, sending down the Blade of Olympus and offering him the blade's power. Kratos drained his remaining Godly powers into the sword and used it to blast the Colossus' side then smash into its body. He began attacking it from within, taking back his power from and destroying the support beams of the statue and after finally destroying the last one, the Colossus began to collapse.

Colossus of Rhodes' death.

Kratos escaped through its mouth, but the statue ironically still served its purpose when its hand came down on the Ghost of Sparta, knocking the Blade of Olympus out of his hands, taking away his immortality and weakening him enough for Zeus to finish him off.


The Colossus possesses great strength and durability due to its large size, metal body, and Godly powers animating it. After getting its hand cut off, it is able to slam the stump into the ground, creating cracks from which fire erupts and it can also generate and shoot fire from the stump as well.


  • The Colossus of Rhodes was considered one of the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World" before its destruction.
  • It fills the role of one of the large scale boss battles in the beginning of the God Of War games that consists of multiple phases. It was the Basilisk in Chains of Olympus, the Hydra in God of War, Scylla in Ghost of Sparta, and Poseidon and the Hippocampus in God of War III.
  • The Colossus is one of the few bosses in God of War that can be killed without a QuickTime event (though there is a number used during the battle to damage it).


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