Columbia is a supporting antagonist in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She is one of the servants of Frank-N-Furter, along with Riff Raff and Magenta.

She is portrayed by Little Nell Campbell.


Columbia is one Dr. Frank-N-Furter's servants in his castle. She is a human groupie for Frank and is also in love with Eddie, the ex-pizza delivery boy.

At the end, when Frank, Brad, Janet, Rocky, Dr. Scott and Columbia are all singing, Riff Raff and Magenta crash through the doors, now in more science fiction type clothing. Riff Raff is holding a gun and sings that he is now their commander and they will return to their planet of Transylvania. He tells Magenta to prepare the transit beam and she begins to walk out but Frank stops them. Frank says he can explain and Magenta reenters the room and smiles. Frank then sings that he wants to stay, but Riff Raff explains that he meant that only he and Magenta will return home and that Frank is going to remain on Earth, but only as a spirit, meaning he plans to kill him. Columbia screams and he shoots her dead with the antimatter-laser he's got. He finally kills Frank with the weapon and also kills Rocky. Janet and the others are horrified and then Magenta speaks up, saying she thought Riff Raff liked them and that they liked him. But Riff Raff screams that they never liked him. The house then lifts up off the ground and flies away back to Transylvania.





  • She is the least malevolent of Frank's servants, never really doing anything evil on her own other than serving Frank.
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