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Originating from the prisons of Brazil, Comando Sombra has embraced fear and violence to become one of the deadliest organized crime groups in São Paulo. Their power spreads throughout the favelas where they can recruit soldiers as well as hide illegal activies from law enforcement.
~ Description of the gang in the game

Comando Sombra, also known as Shadow Command or CS, are supporting antagonists in the videogame Max Payne 3. They are a deadly group of gangsters that were one of the main factions that controlled Sao Paulo. The criminal organization would eventually collapse after they were attacked by Unidade de Forças Especiais (UFE) unit with only a few members escaping, including the former leader of the gang, Serrano.



The Comando Sombra were formed around the mid-1990s as a splinter group of a prison gang (the gang still has a strong prison influence). Since around 2005, Comando Sombra are believed to be involved with the murder of over 450 police officers. In 2006, one of the gangs members, who is only known as "Serrano", took over the criminal organization. By 2010, the CS was connected to more than 20 high-profile kidnappings. Later between mid 2011 to mid 2012, Comando Sombra's criminal activity changed toward contract killing, which included judges and politicians. During 2012, the gang reached more than 3000 members and were at war with other gangs and organized groups for control of Sao Paulo.

Max Payne 3

Eventually Comando Sombra kidnaps Rodrigo Branco's wife, Fabiana Branco, which results in Max Payne and Raul Passos, who both work for Rodrigo (but Raul is paid by Victor Branco), trying to get her back which results in violent confrontations with the gang. Later, Comando Sombra moves Fabiana into Nova Esperanca and continues to hold her for ransom. After Max Payne confronts and is held at gun point by the gang, Serrano kills Fabiana. The gang's stronghold is then attacked by the UFE and the Cracha Preto. After this, most of the gang is either captured or killed. Although some of the gangsters including Serrano escaped their containment in the Imperial Palace, most of the organization collapsed and the events that followed resulted in the exposure of the Organ Harvesting Scandal.



  • Comando Sombra is inspired by the real life gang called PCC, which was responsible for a series of attacks against the São Paulo Police Force in 2006. It is also inspired by Rio de Janeiro's Comando Vermelho.
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