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I am the new god of war. Bow down to Combaticus.
~ Combaticus' only spoken words.

Combaticus is a minor antagonist in Superjail!. He was the secondary antagonist in the episode of the same name.

He was voiced by Richard Mathar.



After The Warden discovered the ancient ruins of "Pamelonia" and converts it into "Fight City" to entertain Superjail's 70K inmates, The Twins take the opportunity to annoy him by entering their own fighter into the contest called Combaticus, a perfect clone made from their DNA.

Combaticus interrupts on of the fights and proceeds to effortlessly slaughter several inmates, prompting The Warden to tell The Doctor to release Specimen 7, a monstrosity made by combining the DNA of all Superjail's staff. Specimen 7 proves to be an even match against Combaticus due to its regenerative abilities.

However, after Jailbot kills the ancient god of Pamelonia known as "Gore", Fight City begins to crumble and a head of one of the statues falls and pins The Twins them to the ground. Combaticus hurriedly saves them, but is then crushed underneath one of the statues' fists. The Twins cremate his body and spreads his ashes into the sea, then state his only weakness was his compassion. Here, he becomes the new god of war, seen as a new constellation in the night sky.

Time Police Part 2

Combaticus makes a brief cameo where he saves The Twins during the riot in Time Jail and he kills the Time Court Judge.


Combaticus (Episode)

  • SJ Inmate - Skeleton ripped out by Combaticus.
  • SJ Inmate - Ripped in half with Combaticus' bare hands.
  • SJ Inmate - Head punched off by Combaticus.
  • SJ Inmate - Blown up from the inside by Combaticus.
  • Five SJ Inmates - Killed in an unknown manner by Combaticus off-screen, mentioned by the twins.
  • SJ Inmate - Head smashed between Combaticus' hands.
  • SJ Inmate - Insides pulled out by Combaticus' feet.

Time Police Part 2

  • Time Court Judge - Smashed by Combaticus.

Total Kills

  • Twelve
    • 11 Humans
    • 1 Alien



  • Combaticus' entrance music sounds very similar to former real life professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  • According to The Twins, Combaticus has four hearts to give him unparalleled speed and metabolism and 14 fingers for a vice grip of 6050 Newtons per square meter.

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