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Who on earth is this Comedian? He's not very funny whoever he is!
~ Matthew Corbett about the Comedian

The Comedian is a minor antagonist featured in "The Shooty Show", specifically in the episode "Superdog and The Comedian".

He is the rival of Superdog, whose aim is to take over the world and force everyone to laugh at his comedy routines.

He was portrayed by Derek Deadman.


The Comedian originated from the planet Tarby. After becoming Superdog's arch-rival, The Comedian decided to take over the world in an an attempt to get more people to laugh at his jokes.

The Comedian then made a machine which allows him to control the minds of anyone and make them do silly things, although he needed a picture of them in order to do this.

He made Superdog fly into somebody's compost heap. Later on, he made Matthew Corbett hit himself in the face with a custard pie. Afterwards, The Comedian showed up at Sooty's house, where he proceeded to tell everyone his jokes (which Matthew described as torture). Afterwards, he is confronted by Sooty and banished back to his home planet.

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