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Whatever happens to the American Dream? It will come true. You'll see it.
~ The Comedian

Edward Morgan "Eddie" Blake, better known as The Comedian, is the posthumous secondary antagonist in the comic book miniseries Watchmen and the 2009 film of the same name, and a major antagonist in it's 2017 sequel, Doomsday Clock. He is a nihilistic vigilante and former member of the Minutemen, who sees himself as a violent, murderous parody of society due to viewing people as naturally depraved in nature. He is also the father of Laurie Juspeczyk, aka Silk Specter II.

In the film adaptation, he was portrayed by Jeffery Dean Morgan, who also played Negan in The Walking Dead, and Sam in Desierto.


The Comedian was a member of the original Minutemen. Throughout the movie The Comedian has committed several crimes, because he thought that humans were savages and should be treated like a joke. He eventually found out that Ozymandias was planning to kill roughly 2 million people (15 million in the movie) to save billions. Frightened, he went to see his old enemy, Moloch, telling him that he was the closest friend the Comedian had. When Ozymandias found out, he and the Comedian fought each other. Ozymandias easily outmatched him and he murdered the Comedian by tossing him out a window. The other masked heroes investigated the Comedian's death and they found out that Ozymandias was the one who murdered the Comedian, because he found out about his plan.


Blake understood. Treated it like a joke, but he understood. He saw the cracks in society, saw the little men in masks trying to hold it together … he saw the true face of the twentieth century and chose to become a reflection of it, a parody of it. No one else saw the joke. That's why he was lonely.
~ Rorschach about Edward Blake
Edward Blake may have been on the heroes' side, but he was a violent and sadistic sociopath who was mainly interested in heroism as an excuse and means to hurt criminals. Later, the Comedian worked for the corrupt government and did even more reprehensible things as a soldier in the Vietnam War. He displayed little to no remorse even as he crossed lines even the more ruthless heroes of his universe wouldn't consider doing.

Blake's reasons for doing the things he does are not necessarily clear, but due to the harsh upbringing he must have endured while living during the Great Depression, it's assumed he cast aside any feelings of decency in order to survive. The Comedian sees everything he does as insignificant as the deeds of the few are never enough to change the world. This line of thinking often put him at odds with his teammates whose whole reason for donning costumes and fighting crime was to inspire people and make life better. After finding out that Ozymandias was planning to create world peace by annihilating most of New York, the Comedian's philosophy was shaken as he was forced to admit that this plan would work.

Despite his cruel nature, the Comedian was never completely heartless. During World War II, he saved by a Solomon woman and her son. When he returned to base, his captain ordered that whole area to be wiped out, killing both the woman and her son in the process. He slit the captain's throat to avenge them. This inspired him to reconnect with Sally Jupiter. He seemed genuinely remorseful for what he had done to her and the two had an affair which led to Laurie's birth. Upon figuring out that Laurie was his child, Blake quietly watched over her, albeit in an over-controlling manner such as threatening her boyfriend after Laurie took drugs. As approached old age he began to soften in his actions and only killed or maimed those he was ordered to. Regardless, Edward still lived most of his life killing villains and heroes alike with little remorse. Even him mellowing out isn't enough to make-up for his crimes.



  • Thomas Jane, Mel Gibson, Ron Perlman, Gary Busey, Nathan Fillion, Johnny Depp and Tommy Lee Jones were all considered for the role of Comedian before Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast.
  • Director Zack Snyder found casting for The Comedian to be a difficult process, as the character is gruff and grizzled. Most of the actors he met with he felt were too groomed. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was very grumpy during his meeting with Snyder, something that appealed to him a great deal.
  • Comedian was initially based on patriotic superhero the Shield and later on Charlton Comics character Peacemaker, with elements of Marvel Comics' Nick Fury mixed in.
    • Also, when designing Comedian, Dave Gibbons decided to base his appearance more on Groucho Marx, deeming that the "clown" look had already been used more appropriately by DC Comics' Joker.
  • Between different interpretations, Comedian's involvement with the assassination of John F. Kennedy is portrayed differently. In the original comic series, Ozymandias notes that Comedian was in Dallas at the same time as the assassination, and it is implied that he might've either been the assassin or knew of the plot beforehand; however, it is shown in the prequel series Before Watchmen that Comedian had been sent to battle Moloch while the assassination was taking place. In both the Watchmen film and prequel game, Comedian is depicted as performing the assassination on behalf of Richard Nixon.
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