Majin Daruga, before you arrive, I swear that by my hand the Justirisers and Demon Knight will be defeated.
~ Adorocs to Majin Daruga in episode 35

Commander Adorocs is a member of the Daruga Imperial Army and Majin Daruga's right-hand. He is tasked by Majin Daruga with preparing Earth for his arrival.


Commander Adorocs was dispatched to Earth by Majin Daruga to take Kaiser Hades' place in preparing it for his arrival.

After Daruga accuses him of "wasting time", Adorocs used his powers to revive Doctor Zora and General Bachuss to assist him in destroying the Justirisers. After their deaths, Adorocs heads to Earth personally to get the JustiCrystal.

Adorocs possesses the body of the JSDF Director Shirakawa to use the JSDF to assist him in his goals. However, he eventually leaves his body to fight the Justirisers himself, initially overwhelming them until Glen becomes Shirogane.

Adorocs attempts to flee, but his escape route is severed by Daruga. With no other option, Adorocs battles the Justirisers and is ultimately killed.



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