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What did you expect me to do!? It was the only way!
~ Filitt revealing his true traitorous nature as he admits he destroyed the planet Mül

Commander Arün Filitt is the main antagonist in the 2017 film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. He is the Commander of the World State Federation and Valerian's former boss, who was responsible for destroying Planet Mül. 

Arün Filitt was a respected commander who led his forces in a combative war between humans and an unknown alien race, which, in conclusion, destroyed planet Mül, a planet which was populated by a civilization called Pearls. He was the one who destroyed Mül by using three fusion missiles to destroy the enemy mothership, which crashed on planet Mui, destroying the planet. After the destruction of Mül, a few survivors escaped and construct a spaceship to recreate their planet.

He was portrayed by Clive Owen, who also played the Professor in The Bourne Identity, Clayton Verris in Gemini Man and King Claudius in Ophelia.


After Valerian and Laureline return to Alpha, Filitt informs them Alpha's center has been infected by an unknown force - where the troopers sent to there and not return. Valerian and Laureline are assigned to protect him. He was later seen torturing a Pearl. During the summit, Pearls start to attack the room and kidnap him to their lair on Alpha. Valerian chases their ship, but loses control and crash-lands his vehicle.

The two venture into the area, discovering that it is nontoxic. They reach a shield-like hall where Filitt was there. They met with Pearls' leader, Emperor Haban-Lima, who explains to them his people were living peacefully on their home planet - until a war broke out between humans and an unknown species. Filitt ordered to launch the doomsday weapon to destroy the enemy fleet's mothership, which eventually crashes and destroys the planet. Valerian and Laureline realize that he was the one who destroyed the planet and despite initially trying to deny it, as well as knowing that the planet was inhabited, he eventually admits and claims he had to in order to stop the war. He then goes on to further defend his actions by saying that if his actions were made public knowledge, the entire human race would get in trouble and be cut off/expelled from Alpha, and tries to convince Valerian and Laureline that the Pearls are the enemy and to arrest them. However, Valerian pulls him aside as if to talk with him, only to punch him hard enough to knock him out cold.

Later, when Valerian and Laureline wake him up and try to get him to confess the truth to General Okto-Bar so he can call off the troops that he has sent, Filitt then orders his K-Tron robots to attack both Valerian, Laureline, the human soldiers and the Pearls, but they are defeated by the human soldiers. He was later tied up by Valerian and Laureline and found by the remaining troops and reported to the Major, where he orders them to release Filitt to be arrested by the Federation for his crimes, treachery, and betrayal.

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