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Earth Imperial Commander Baraba is the military commander of the Tube Empire and a major antagonist in Hikari Sentai Maskman. He is a warrior of the Baluga Clan who is in charge of the armies of the Empire.

He was portrayed by Keijiro Shiga.


Commander Baraba participated in the Tube Empire's invasion of the surface world. When Emperor Zeba ordered the invasion of the surface world, Baraba led the Ungler Soldiers in an advance attack.

After his continued failures to defeat the Maskman, Baraba was sentenced to death by Zeba. Seeking to redeem himself, Baraba pleaded with Zeba for one last chance and traveled to the Underground Dungeon with his mother to kill the Devil Doggler and claim the Underground Royal Sword. After the Devil Doggler kills his mother, Baraba slays the beast in a fierce rage.

Though earning his place back within Tube, Baraba soon falls out of favor with Zeba again. Given one last chance to redeem himself, Baraba enlisted the help of his subordinate Oyobu and teamed up with Thief Knight Kiros to steal the frozen Princess Iyal in order to lure Takeru into a trap. However, Baraba is betrayed by Kiros, who makes off Iyal.

Baraba then tries to make Oyobu fight the Maskman, but the fire Ninja refuses, telling Baraba he has to it himself in order to fulfill his promise to Zeba. Baraba then fights one last duel against Red Mask that ends with the Tube Commander's death.


Baraba is an arrogant, pompous warrior who enjoys flaunting his strength. He frequently taunts Prince Igam, his rival within the Tube elite.



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