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Now then... let's slice him up with this!
~ Black preparing to severe Leo alive with a jigsaw.
Simple is the best. Monster nowadays are too busy-looking. That's no good.
~ Commander Black comments on Nova's simple but powerful form in Ultraman Orb.

Commander Black, also known as the Black Directive, is the leader of the sentient Black Star and Saucer Beasts. He is the main antagonist of the final arc (Episode 41 to 51) of Ultraman Leo, taking over the role from the long-deceased Alien Magma after a long-time absence of the main villain the series, and a posthumous antagonist in Ultraman Mebius.

His latest appearance is a minor character in Ultraman Orb and is less villainous. Although, due to being less threatening than his counterpart from Ultraman Leo and the lack of information, it is unknown whether Black in Orb was the original one in Leo or just another member of his kind, though the latter is more likely.

He was portrayed by Takeshi Obayashi in Ultraman Leo and by Shoichiro Akaboshi in Ultraman Orb.


Showa Incarnation

Ultraman Leo

Black is a sadistic alien invader coming from the sentient Black Star and uses Saucer Beasts to invade the Earth, starting a war against Ultraman Leo. He is infamous for orchestrating the total extermination of MAC (Monster Attack Crew) through his first Saucer Beast, Silver Bloome, making him the first and so far, the only villain who successfully eliminated an Earth Defense Team in the entire Ultra Series franchise.

Ultraman Mebius

Thirty years after the death of Commander Black, the Saucer Beasts returned back to the Earth, started with the revived Nova, and later new types of Saucer Beasts known as Roberuga I & II created by Alien Empera, using fragments of the Black Star.

Heisei Incarnation

Ultraman Orb

The second incarnation of Commander Black appeared as the main antagonist in the 22nd episode of Ultraman Orb, "The Unmarked Cafe".

Unlike his original incarnation, however, this version of Black was no longer bent on invading Earth after arriving on it. He abandoned his original goal of invasion and instead opened a Cafe for both aliens and inhabitants on Earth, alongside his own incarnation of Nova. Lamenting his guests diminishing and his coffee beans no longer available after hearing news about Dada's spaceship crashing, Black decided to close down his cafe and travel to another planet alongside Nova.

However, Nova transformed into its Kaiju form and silently encoraged its master to reopen their original plan, which Black was touched and complied. Revealing his true identity, Black took control of Nova and attacked the city before he was confronted by Orb, who kept referring Black as the owner of the cafe, as he and the SSP members begged Black to stop. Black refused to be called that and continued to fought Orb inside Nova. Still, Black met his defeat after Nova was destroyed by Orb.

Afterwards, Black silently mourned his best friend on the street and was comforted by Gai. Black told Gai in sorrow that without his companion, he now no longer had a dream to accomlish anymore, but Gai revealed that there were still people out there who loved Black's coffee, which Gai himself also praised. Deeply touched, Black left and presumably decided to move on.


Showa Continuty

Being one of the darkest villains in the entire Ultra Series, Black is a sadistic, brutal, and horrendous villain whose onscreen villainy exceeds that of other Leo villains including Alien Magma and Alien Babarue.

Black shows no empathy towards humanity, even willing to use and murder children, turning people against Leo in the process, in order to get on with his plans, and he prefers to execute mass destruction throughout the city only having Leo killed, thus getting the Earth rid of its protector and can start his total invasion upon Earth. He is also shown to exhibit a sadistic glee while chopping Leo alive through a jigsaw.


  • The introduction of Commander Black and the Saucer Beasts is rumored to be actually an improvised solution made by Tsuburaya Productions after the immense flop of the ratings and viewers in Ultraman Leo in total. In order to save the budget, Black is added to the series to kill off most of the major characters of the series and wrap up the loose plot.
  • Commander Black (along with all of his Saucer Beasts) has the highest onscreen body counts of villains in Ultraman Leo, even more so than Alien Magma since most of the latter's crimes (including the destruction of planet L77) are offscreen villainy.
  • The original incarnation of Commander Black remained to be one the most sadistic, darkest and cruelest villains in Ultra franchise. On the contrary, however, Black's Heisei incarnation in Ultraman Orb eventually redeemed himself, and acts much more affable, caring, comedic and empatheic than his original counterpart.



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