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Commander Chu is a supporting antagonist of the 2016 film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. He was a soldier of Umbrella loyal to Dr. Alexander Isaacs.

He was portrayed by South Korean pop singer and actor Joon-Gi Lee in his first villainous role as well as his first role at the American cinema.


As a member for Umbrella

Chu worked as a commander of a tank of Umbrella filled with the clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs in route to Raccoon City to destroy the remnants of survivors there. After Alice is capture then escaped, Chu tried to kill her with the tank's weapons, but in vain. While attacks on the settlement, Chu followed Isaacs' orders regarding targeting the tank's weapons. After the Undead army was nearly wiped out and the tank crew, Chu emerged to engage Alice in hand-to-hand combat. Chu, revealing himself to be a skilled martial artist, was stronger Alice which then defeated him via shooting in the chest with a shotgun. However, since Chu wore body armor, he was just stunned. Shortly afterward, Alice tied Chu to the back of Isaacs' tank and used him Chu, running to the back of Isaacs' tank, to lure the Undead survivors.

As an undead

Between the moment where the Undead chases after Chu and another one where the Hive is destroyed, the Undead overwhelmed Chu, killing and turning him into one of them in the process. Seconds after the real Isaacs was killed by his clone, the Undead Chu bit the clone's neck and an army of thousand Undead joined the Undead commander in devouring the clone. However, seconds later, they were instantly killed as Alice unleashed the airborne anti-virus.


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