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"Just what I'd expect from a Strider! But I'm different from these other grunts!
~ Commander Keith to Hiryu, before dying

Commander Keith is a character in the Strider Hiryu manga, appearing as a minor antagonist in chapter 3.


Following Hiryu and Sheena's infiltration of the Kazakh Secret Police HQ and retrieval of Cain, the Kazakh Institute Director hires Commander Keith and his Special Forces unit to reinforce security for the ZAIN Lab hidden within the Kazakh Federation Mental Institute. Keith is first seen observing an international televised call between Enterprise president Faceas Clay and the Kazakh Institute Director about progress on the ZAIN Project and the Striders' recent activity.

After the call is over, the two are alarmed when the Secret Police Chief is found bound and gagged on the institute's entrace with a message from Cain announcing his and Hiryu's presence. Keith ensures the director his unit has everything under control, and he is reminded not to use any firearms to prevent damaging the machinery in the institute.

After Hiryu eliminates all of Keith's men, he and Cain break through a wall and are confronted by Keith himself. Keith brags about his superior skills compared to his subordinates, but can't even react when Hiryu rushes at him and stabs him in the heart in a flash, leaving the shocked Keith to wonder aloud how it was possible before dying.


Commander Keith is a very tall and muscular man with short, unruly black hair. He wears a military attire consisting of a sleeveless black shirt, a metal plate attached to his chest and green camo pants. His body appears severely scarred, with his forearms and neck showing several scars and his face sporting two large scars, one crossing his left eye and another across his forehead.

Keith's large measures and flat-topped head makes him resemble the Frankenstein's Monster.

Skills and Abilities

Commander Keith is an adept hand-to-hand fighter with mastery of the knife, reasons why he and his unit were hired to protect the institue, as the director didn't want any firearms to be used as they could damage the high-precision machinery in the building.

Keith proclaims to Hiryu that he's much stronger than his subordinates, but he is still leagues below the strength of a top Strider which is why he dies almost instantly and unable to make a single counter move.


Commander Keith is arrogant and very confident in his skills. As displayed by how scarred his body is, he has been in many fights and displays great pleasure in fighting strong opponents, with him expressly stating his desire to fight against the fabled Striders.


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