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Commander Mozar is the leader of the Triceraton army and right-hand man of Zanramon. He is distinctive from other Triceratons by his eyepatch on left eye and his robotic left hand. In his first appearance at the end of "Turtles in Space, Part One: The Fugitoid," it is shown that he is paying General Blanque's trusted aide Lonae for information about the Teleportal. He serves as a supporting antagonist in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

He was voiced by Dan Green.


Mozar is built more differently than most Triceratons, being much more bulkier. He also has a prostethic left arm after losing it. he also dons a black and white suit platted with brown armour on his ankles, feet, chest and shoulders, and wears the Triceraton Republic's insignia on the left corner of his chest. He also wears a black eyepatch on his left eye.


Mozar is a ruthless soldier that serves as Zanramon's right-hand. However, despite this, his morals aren't clouded. While wishing to achieve victory in battles, he also refuses to do so dishonorably, fighting with honor. He refuses to attack helpless enemies, and refused to leave a squadron of Triceraton soldiers to die when ordered to by Zanramon, but was eventually forced to obey his command. Mozar's loyalty to Zanramon faded overtime, becoming more disgusted by his dishonorable regime, and eventually turns against him by helping Traximus overthrow him, helping Traximus to revive the Republic the Triceraton Homeowrld had before Zanramon took over. He also despises greed, revealing to General Blanque that his aide was a traitor due to how greedy she was when he had no use for her.


Commander Mozar is the Commander-in-chief of the militaristic forces of the Triceraton Republic and the right hand to Prime Leader Zanramon. Barely anythign is known about Mozar's past rather than having lost his eye and an arm, presumably from the war between the Triceraton Republic and the Federation, lead by General Blanque. Eventually, he pays Lonae, General Blanque's trusted aide, to leak information to him for Triceraton victory.

Eventually, she leaked information about Professor Honeycutt's teleporter, a device that can transport anything anywhere, and his transformation into an android called Fugitoid, whom Mozar is entrusted to seize. Leading the mission to the Federation Territory D'Hoonib and with help from Lonae, succeeds in capturing the Fugitoid, as well as the Turtles in bargain. However, the Turtles free him after having befriended him after running into his escape form the Federation after escaping themselves. Tracking the energy, Mozar leads an attack on them but the Turtles and Fugitoid were teloported back to Earth by the Utrom, who tracked their transmat device's energy.

Frustrated by the growing failures on the search for Fugitoid, Zanramon began abusing Mozar and blaming him for his failure, which arouses Mozar's wrath, who was growing distrustful of his dishonorable and selfish conduct. He then informs Zanramon on the location of the Fugitoid and participates in the invasion of Earth. Eventually, Fugitid paralyzed the entire Federation fleet, which followed the Triceratons with a virus. WHen Zanramon insists on destroying the helpless enemy, Mozar refused to obey him. His disgust for Zanramon grew even more ordered to leave a squadron of troops to die to save the Triceraton Homeworld from the virus. This was the last straw that when Traximus, leader of the Rebellion, arrived to depose Zanramon, Mozar had no objections and orders his troops to stand down as his leader is overthrown. He helps Traximus overthrow Zanramon and surrenders the army to his command, ending the dictatorship that plagued the Triceratons and making it a Republic again. He is currently Traximus' right-hand following Zanramon's fall from power.

2012 series

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