Commander Octagon

Commander Octodon

Commander Octodon (also known as Dr. Octodon or Octodon) is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Water Works".

He was voiced by Gregg Berger.


Commander Octodon is a beige sailor octopus in Puerto Rico who plans on having an underwater hideout. He despises any pool or anything watery being float-worthy, so he has his helpers named Joey Clams and Lobster Theodore, sabotage a water park in Mexico (threatening to put them in hot water if they were caught by the Danger Rangers). Because the Rangers plan on promoting water safety worldwide after having saved that water park and its guests, much to such of his fury that he ends up accidentally getting his spaghetti dinner on his head, he plans on ruining their reputation.

Once the Rangers are discredited and Fallbot is blamed by them, he is eventually scanned that his blame on Joey and Lobster Theodore is legitimate, and last known wherabouts of Octodon are shown, Ranger Squeeky finds that the yacht that Octodon and his helpers are working in is not real, so Ranger Burt drills into one of the walls, and makes them spout out through one of the steam pipes, and then Octodon throws his helpers out to get away from the Rangers faster.

However, eventually, as Sully plans, he has Savo fly the hovercraft over Octodon (who is going into a dangerous zone to get away from them), Fallbot falls on him and catches him. Eventually, Octodon is apparently arrested for his villainous actions.


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