This planet is now under the control of Lord Hater!
~ Commander Peepers

Commander Peepers is the secondary antagonist of Season 1 and recurring antagonist of Season 2 of the 2013 Disney television series Wander Over Yonder.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny, who also played the Ice King in Adventure Time.


Peepers serves as Lord Hater's number one henchman, adviser, and second-in-command. He is also the leader of the Watchdogs. Like Hater, he opposes Wander and Sylvia but does not hold as big a grudge against them. He is extremely loyal to Hater, though often under-appreciated for his work. He and Hater get along quite well, although Hater claims they aren't friends. Peepers is always coming up with plans that often go ignored and also comforts Hater and acts as his voice of reason. He and Hater are always disagreeing over how to conquer the galaxy. Peepers thinks that Wander is no more that a little annoyance and insists the warlord ignore him and focus more on the conquest, but Hater is is too obsessed with destroying Wander and does not listen to his suggestions. Because of this, Peppers, despite his loyalty, starts getting agitated by Hater's desire to kill Wander.

He also protects and suggest Hater against their villainy rivals. For example, he aids his leader when shooting at Awesome's troops and suggests he not show off for Lord Dominator and wait to confront her when they are best prepared (despite Hater's strong feelings for her).






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