This planet is now under the control of Lord Hater!
~ Commander Peepers' first quote.
I'm sorry, sir, but it's true! You wasted so much time chasing him around the universe that you've lost any standing you had as a real villain. And now there's bad guys everywhere taking over all the territory you lost! You're more like 29th greatest in the galaxy, which is why we need to get back in the game and conquer as many planets as possible!
~ Commander Peepers criticizing his own master for his obsession with Wander.
Nothing ever changes.
~ Commander Peepers' final quote.

Commander Peepers is a recurring antagonist of the 2013 Disney television series Wander Over Yonder. Serving as the secondary antagonist of Season 1 and the anti-heroic tetartagonist of Season 2.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny, who also played the Ice King in Adventure Time.


Peepers serves as Lord Hater's number one henchman, adviser, and second-in-command. He is also the leader of the Watchdogs. Like Hater, he opposes Wander and Sylvia but does not hold as big a grudge against them. He is extremely loyal to Hater, though often under-appreciated for his work. He and Hater get along quite well, although Hater claims they aren't friends. Peepers is always coming up with plans that often go ignored and also comforts Hater and acts as his voice of reason. He and Hater are always disagreeing over how to conquer the galaxy. Peepers thinks that Wander is no more than a little annoyance and insists the warlord ignore him and focus more on the conquest, but Hater is too obsessed with destroying Wander and does not listen to his suggestions. Because of this, Peppers, despite his loyalty, starts getting agitated by Hater's desire to kill Wander.

He also protects and suggests Hater against their villainy rivals. For example, he aids his leader when shooting at Awesome's troops and suggests he not show off for Lord Dominator and wait to confront her when they are best prepared (despite Hater's strong feelings for her).


  • In most episodes, Wander calls him "Mister Peepers" but calls him Commander Peepers in "The Bounty".
  • In episodes that focus on him, Peepers has his own theme music.
  • "The Prisoner" is the first episode peepers is called "Commander Peepers ".
  • "The Void" and "The Matchmaker" are the only episodes Peepers appears in without any dialogue.
  • In "The Stray", "The Big Job", "The Enemies", "The Stray", and "The Rider" are the only episodes Peepers doesn't appear in.
  • "The Rider" is the only half hour special Peepers doesn't appear in.
  • Its hinted in "The Prisoner", that he wants to be In charge of the Hater Empire
  • In the short "The Killjoy", Peepers sees Lord Hater some
  • In Season three, Peepers was going to have his own story arc about his past.
  • In "The Gift 2: The Gardening", it is hinted that he wants to be taller.
  • In " The Breakfast", It is revealed that Peepers is a good cook.
  • In "The Axe", it is shown that he is strong.
  • In "The Show Stopper", it reveals that Peepers is a good drummer.





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