It's a very important night, indeed, my good man. We can't affort to make mistakes. And that is why we can't afford to trust that Sissel... No, we must be very careful...
~ Commander Sith to his servant

Commander Sith is considered the primary antagonist of the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. He is the leader of an evil military organisation.



To get a fragment of the Temsik meteor, which fell on Earth 10 years prior to the story and would give him great power, the Commander teamed up with Yomiel, who had died due to the meteor and become a ghost. However, Sith planned to betray him. Yomiel would help him getting rid of all people who were involved in the Temsik incident.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

During almost the entire story he stayed in his submarine "Yonoa" and sent various assasins to fight Sissel, the main protagonist, until it sank in the end. He escaped with the fragment in a mini-submarine and left Yomiel in the sinking ship, but his plan was foiled when he joined the heroes to travel back in time and create a new timeline.

Basic Information


Like all members of his organisation, Sith has completely blue skin for an unknown reason. He is wearing a medal, presumably for some past military action.


Commander Sith is a typical power hungry conqueror, probably searching for world domination. To achieve his goal he is ready to do anything and doesn't show any signs of mercy or regret. He enjoys living in excesses, which becomes clear through his extravagant furniture and the way he behaves, like eating grapes. Furthermore, Sith seems to have a passion for weird technology, like his robot servant, the Masked Muscleman.

Powers and Abilities

Commander Sith himself doesn't have any powers, however he seems to be intelligent and scientifically skilled. He is in possession of dangerous torpedos and has lots of skilled minions.


These are the minions working for him:


This will be our last communication by telephone. We'll arrive in one hour. I look forward to seeing you, Sissel.
~ Commander Sith
Now, then. I'd better hurry along before Sissel discovers what he's lost and comes after me! The Yonoa will be his coffin. May it lie buried here in the deep sea... Forever! Farewell, Sissel!
~ Commander Sith, before escaping
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