I'm sending you and your associates to another world. Now, wipe them out!
~ Commander Skarr to Dr. Gilmore.

Commander Skarr is the main antagonist of the second episode of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. He is a Black Ghost agent in charge of a base hidden inside a massive cavern.


At some point prior to the 00 cyborgs arrival, Commander Skarr ordered the slaughter of the scientists developing the Black Phantom, as its prototype had already been completed.

001, 003, 006, 009, and Dr. Gilmore eventually infiltrated Skarr's facility and made it to the hangar where the Black Phantom was kept. However, Skarr appeared and confronted Gilmore and the cyborgs. Skarr pondered why Gilmore would betray Black Ghost and accused the scientist of staying willfully ignorant to the organization's crimes, but Gilmore denied this.

Skarr then ordered his robotic foot-soldiers to wipe out the five, but 009 was able to hold them off with his accelerator. Meanwhile, Skarr retreated and prepared to set off the bombs inside the base. However, 009 pursued Skarr and found himself face-to-face with both Skarr and the leader of Black Ghost, Skull. Skarr told 009 that he was going to blow up the base, and that the cyborg was too late. Skull then congratulated Skarr on his good work and killed him, having no more use for him.


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