No! We will save the Universe! From you!
~ Commander Stark

Commander Stark was a minor villain in Doctor Who. He was a commander of the Sontaran amry and one of the high ranking members of The Alliance of the Pandorica, alongside the Supreme Dalek.


Stark, like most Sontaran's, was a cloned individual, bred for the purpose of war. At some point he became a commander in the Sontaran army as well as a high ranking leader in The Alliance that planed to save reality from the Doctor and his TARDIS. 

In 102 he appeared in Stonehenge alongisde the rest of the Alliance, in order to conceal the Doctor in the Pandorica. As he arrived with two of his soldiers, he shouted that the Pandorica would be "ready". The Doctor thought that members of the Alliance wanted his help, but Stark was the one who stated that they would be the ones who save the universe from the Timelord. As the Pandorica was sealed he smiled.

He perished alongside the rest of reality when the TARDIS exploded. After the Doctor "rebooted" the Universe, he was presumably brought back as well, though never seen again.


  • Stark means strong in German
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