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[[File:Vic Hoskins Quote2.ogg|noicon]]}}
[[File:Vic Hoskins Quote2.ogg|noicon]]}}
'''Commander Victor "Vic" Hoskins''' is the secondary antagonist of the 2015 film ''Jurassic World''.
'''Commander Victor "Vic" Hoskins''' is the central antagonist of the 2015 film ''Jurassic World''.
He serves as the leader of Jurassic World's private security force. He is also the archenemy of Owen Grady.
He serves as the leader of Jurassic World's private security force. He is also the archenemy of Owen Grady.
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{{Jurassic Park Villains}}[[pl:Vic Hoskins]]
{{Jurassic Park Villains}}[[pl:Vic Hoskins]]
[[Category:Corrupt Officials]]
[[Category:Corrupt Officials]]
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[[Category:Friend of a Hero]]
[[Category:Friend of a Hero]]
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[[Category:Neutral Evil]]
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[[Category:Deal Makers]]

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Jurassic World is a global destination, and that comes with certain sets of risks. Our job here on Nublar is to work with Asset Containment and park staff to ensure a safe environment for the millions of people who visit every year.
~ Vic Hoskins to his team about Jurassic World park.
No, it ain't kid... but somebody's gotta make sure that this company has a future. Imagine, that one, a fraction of the size, deadly, intelligent, able to hide from the most advanced military technology. A living weapon unlike anything we've ever seen.
~ Vic Hoskins revealing his plans to Owen, Claire and her nephews.

Commander Victor "Vic" Hoskins is the central antagonist of the 2015 film Jurassic World.

He serves as the leader of Jurassic World's private security force. He is also the archenemy of Owen Grady.

He was portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio, who also played Private Gomer Pyle in Full Metal Jacket, Edgar the Bug in Men in Black, Carl Rudolph Stargher in The Cell, the Kingpin in Daredevil, and Galen Burke in Rings.



Rescuing a Wolf Pup

As a young man, he rescued a wolf pup and nursed it back to health. One night, his wife attacked him with a steak knife, and the wolf protected him by biting off a piece of her arm. He never had it put down, because they shared a great bond.

Working for InGen

Working for InGen, Commander Vic Hoskins came with a delusional idea: to breed military dinosaurs through the works of Henry Wu. He worked in cooperation with Simon Masrani, CEO of Masrani Global Cooperation. He intended to sell his ideas to military companies all over the world, careless of the harm he intended to make.

Jurassic World

Right at the beginning of the film Jurassic World, an employee fell into the raptors cage forcing Owen to come rescue him by using psychological connection to order the raptors to stand down. Hoskins was impressed so he talked to Owen about his plan to use prehistoric instincts to make the raptors fight wars for him, so he can sell their skills for money. Owen stated he fears he can only interact with raptors, not control them and kindly dismissed Hoskins' request.

He then took control of Masrani's company, and claimed responsibility for the park and it's animals, as Hoskins intended. He relieved all workers, and hired a new team on the ground, thus converting InGen to Masrani Global Corporation. Later, he sent a helicopter with his soldiers on a "mission" to bomb the Pteranodons. However, his workers allowed one of them to enter the park by leaving the gate open. It appears that this was all part of Hoskins' plan to cause panic and evacuation of the visitors. He then would be in a position to field test his dinosaurs. Claire and Owen then argue with him about it, but he insists that it is going to happen with or without them.

Hunting the Indominus rex

Later on, he sends the soldiers and the raptors to hunt and enslave the Indominus, as he records the battle on a camera from his office's security camera. However, the Indominus rex influences the raptors, and many of his soldiers get killed during that incident. He then tricks Henry Wu into leaving the park with the assets, thus taking control of the lab.


Hoskins dead meat

Hoskin's death.

Easy. Easy, boy. Easy. Hey, hey. We're on the same side, right? Right? Easy. I'm on your side.
~ Vic Hoskins' last words, before he got killed by a good velociraptor named Delta, who happens to be a female.

Afterwards, he reveals his plan to Owen, Claire and the children. He tells them that the company needs a future, and he plans to create a smaller version of the Indominus rex, deadlier and more effective. He remarks that it will be one of his strongest living weapons. Surprisingly, before Hoskins could do anything more, Delta, a raptor that has escaped earlier, manages to enter the lab, and she gives chase to everyone in the area. Hoskins is cornered by the raptor, and he tries to convince Delta that they are on the same side. The raptor is intent on attacking Hoskins due to being brainwashed by the Indominus rex and because Delta hated Hoskins since their first meet, she takes no notice of Hoskins's pleas for mercy and kills him.


Despite his death, Hoskins' dream of creating the perfect living weapon was realized. Dr. Wu managed to create the Indoraptor, a direct successor to the Indominus rex, made from her and Blue the velociraptor's DNA. But unfortunately for him, the Indoraptor is killed by Blue and the bone containing the Indominus Rex's DNA is destroyed by Rexy, preventing the creation of more Indoraptors.

Other Appearances

LEGO Jurassic World Game

Hoskins' punishment

Hoskins after rearranged into a merman mutant by Echo as seen in LEGO Jurassic World.

In LEGO Jurassic World, he also serves as one of the main antagonists for the Jurassic World sequence, where his role is more or less the same. However, his fate was quite different due to the game being in a more lighthearted manner. Here, when Owen, Claire and her nephews runaway, Echo (taking over for Delta) mauled Hoskins.

It is revealed that instead of torn to death, Hoskins was merely rearranged into a merman mutant with crab pincer-like arms. However, a soldier later claims that he didn't make it. This may be because the soldier is just copying the line which he said in the film or Hoskins just didn't make it to the helicopter in time after what Echo did to him.


Vic Hoskins is a very arrogant, and manipulative braggart who took advantage of the catastrophe to steal hybrid embryos for military use and to test the capabilities of the two Indominus rexes and Velociraptors as weapons of war. Hoskins does not care about how many lives are lost, as long as he gets what he wants.

Ironically, his arrogance also blinds him from reality where the said catastrophes would be too much for him to gain advantage with, especially when he never predicted that Delta, who was being manipulated by the I. rex, turned out catching him up by the time his plans were exposed by the protagonist before she killed him.

Hoskins believed that war was what bred greatness, showing a condescending view of tech staff. He also has a fondness for bloodthirsty, dangerous animals, and how to control them, which also led to his death.


  • It is implied that Hoskins may have very well been an abusive husband, given that his wife attacked him with a steak knife (possibly out of anger or self-defense), which caused his wolf pet to attack her.
  • Vic Hoskins may have been hired by Dodgson as an act of revenge, and then recruited Henry Wu, who then became a traitor.
  • Vic Hoskins may have also known and worked with Eli Mills to weaponize dinosaurs prior to the downfall of Jurassic World as Mills had actually attempted to carry out his plan by creating the Indoraptor, which was a fraction of the Indominus rex's size, deadly, intelligent, and able to hide from the most advanced military technology as a living weapon, unlike anything, is ever seen, just as Hoskins had said before his death. Hoskins may have also told Mills all about Owen and the Raptor squad.
  • InGen Security Division serves as paramilitary in Isla Nublar, for the case of a dinosaur going wild. However, Hoskins was manipulative and careless, using the military to develop dinosaurs as weapons of mass destruction.

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