Welcome to basic training, comrades! If you wish to survive, you will have to do exactly as I say. Now, go over to that table and pick up those weapons.
~ Letlev to the recruits

Commissar Letlev is a Soviet character in Call of Duty 2. He is a Russian officer tasked with training a group of new recruits for the Red Army.


Letlev only appears on the level "Red Army Training". He is the drill sergeant for the 13th Guards Rifle Division. He supervises target practice and orders the soldiers to throw potatoes at several targets instead of real grenades. His reason for this is that real grenades are worth more than the troops. He also supervises the recruits practicing melee attacks on dummies.

After the training, the player follows Letlev to a building to interrogate a captured German. The German tells Letlev about an oncoming German attack to try and avoid execution, however Letlev kills the prisoner anyway after sending the player to fight the Germans.

Letlev is last seen at the end of the level, having successfully beaten the Germans and sending the recruits into battle.


  • Letlev is the first Call of Duty character to be a villain rather than simply an antagonist.
    • He is also the first Call of Duty villain not to be an antagonist and to succeed in all of his goals.
  • If the player disobeys an order at any point in the level, Letlev will pull out a gun and shoot them dead.


Letlev kill
Letlev execute

Letlev killing the prisoner


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Letlev kill
Commissar Letlev


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