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Joseph Meach, better known as Composite Superman, is a supervillain in DC Comics, mainly fighting Batman and Superman.



Before his supervillanous role, Joseph Meach was a struggling diver. In an attempt to draw publicity to himself, Meach set up a water tank on a sidewalk in Metropolis. As the water tank leaked to an inch of water, Superman stopped Meach's accidental death and soon got him a job at Superman Museum. Working around the mementos of Superman caused Meach's hatred for the Man of Steel to only rise. Then, one fateful night, lightning hit the lifeless Legion of Super Heroes mannequins and the energy lanced into Meach. He then gained the powers of the Legion and formed a costume in the mix of Batman and Superman now called Composite Superman. The Composite Superman then created situations for Superman or Batman to handle, but which he intentionally sabotaged to humiliate the heroes, then sorted them out himself. Superman and Batman's attempt to expose him by using robot duplicates failed due to Composite Superman's ability to read their minds.

Just before Meach could reveal the heroes' secret identities, the powers he gained from the statues faded away. Meach tried to write down the secret of his powers in the Superman Museum, but his memory faded before he could finish (though he managed to write down about the lightning striking the statues, but nothing more). He later had a funeral for him by the Justice League.


Composite Superman made a cameo in Justice Leuge Unlimited in an episode called "The Greatest Story Never Told". Unlike the comic, this "Composite Superman" is the product of a battle with the dark lord Mordru. It's actually a fusion of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Women with the appearance of Composite Superman, but with Wonder Woman's voice, resulting from some twisted spell used in the intense magical conflict. The spell was undone by the time Mordru was defeated.

Lego Batman 3

Composite Superman appears as a playable character in Lego Batman 3 : Beyond Gotham.


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