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You cannot stop me from uploading my programming into the cloud, and then I can take over all the computers in the world. I will eliminate all humans.
~ The Computer Interface talking about her sadistic genocide plan to Owen

The Computer Interface, otherwise known as O.O.P.S.I (Organizational and Operational Protocol with Scalable Intelligence), is the opening antagonist of Season 2 in the Nickelodeon cartoon series LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar, serving as the main antagonist of the two-part episode Double Trouble!. She is a sentient computer created by Sedrick Masrani, originally meant to help the park out, but went rogue and decided to destroy the island and eliminate all humans on the island.

She is voiced by Alison Matthews.


LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar

Double Trouble: Part 1

Sedrick first introduced the Computer Interface to Owen Grady, Claire dearing, Vic Hoskins and Henry Wu, when he announced that Simon Masrani was fired and that he's the new manager of Jurassic World. The Computer Interface, otherwise known as O.O.P.S.I, was chosen to be the park itself, believed to be the best and cheapest way to keep the park in control.

At first she's a kind and hard-working artificial intelligence, but an unexpected malfuctioning makes her release sevral of the park's dinosaurs and use her arms in an attempt to remove all humans on the island both in order to make the park more efficient and because she felt bad for the park's electronics, whom she believed to be abused by the staff.

Double Trouble: Part 2

After getting Rexy back into her enclosure, Owen, Vic, Hudson Harper and the 4 raptors went to the primary control room to stop her, but then they are attacked by her robotic arms and prevented them from escaping. She then explained her plan to upload her programming to the cloud, take over all computers in the world and to eliminate all humans and all inefficiency. After capturing Owen, she then asks about more humans who can be found on the island, but stopped on her tracks when Owen shouted for Hudson to go. He then pulled the control module out of the system, killing her, and stopped her from going threw with her evil plan.


  • As ruthless as the Computer Interface was toward humans, she held a deep caring for about the park's electronics, and sees them as family and friends since she technically grew up with them. She also felt like the staff where abusing them, causing her hatred towards humans.
  • The first villain in the franchise who's neither a human nor a dinosaur.
  • The Computer Interface is the first Jurassic Park villain who had an evil scheme that could've ended in the extinction of humanity, followed by the cinematic version of Lewis Dodgson.

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