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Computo is a supervillain from Marvel comics and an enemy of the X-Men.

At some point in time, Computo was built by Quasimodo. Computo sounded a "Z-Alert" and activated three of its cybernetic agents ("Therma-tron", "Vacu-tron", and "Vibra-tron") in the "Hibernation Hive", then sent them to a local radio station to steal a new transmitter that was about to be installed.

At the radio station, the three Cybertrons were fought off by the X-Men Cyclops (who had just gotten a job there as Scott Summers) and Marvel Girl. As "Vibra-tron" used its ultrasonic energy to shake apart the truck carrying the transmitter, "Therma-tron" attacked Cyclops, but was quickly destroyed by Cyclops' optic blast.

"Vacu-tron" lunged at Cyclops, but Marvel Girl caught and held it in mid-air while Cyclops blasted it to pieces. With the plan a failure, "Vibra-tron" flew off to return to the home base while Marvel Girl tracked its flight with her mental powers.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl followed the Cybertron to a suspiciously inactive work site. Cyclops blasted a hole in a sand pile and found a network of underground tunnels, and the two heroes followed a tunnel to find "Vibra-tron" and some other Cybertrons standing before the gigantic Computo. They watched as Computo sentenced "Vibra-tron" to be "executed" by the "Automatic Canceller," which scrapped the Cybertron for parts.

When Computo's bio-sensors alerted it to the presence of Cyclops and Marvel Girl, Computo sounded another "Z-Alert" and ordered an army of Cybertrons to overwhelmingly attack the two young mutants. Cyclops, realizing that Computo was the guiding force behind the hostile robots, concentrated his optic power beam at the form of Computo, hitting it continuously until Computo exploded -- with their commander gone, so fell the rest of the Cybertrons.

Quasimodo stepped out of the sidelines and revealed himself to the heroes as the creator of Computo, then pulled a lever to flood the chamber with an underground river as he made his escape. Cyclops and Marvel Girl were also able to flee back to safety on the surface using their powers.

Computo was apparently rebuilt in a new, smaller form by Quasimodo.

Quasimodo inspected his "electronic slave" before embarking on another of his schemes for power.