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The Compy 386 is the second computer that Strong Bad owned and used for Strong Bad Emails on Homestar Runner after throwing away the Tandy 400. It lasted up until the email "virus", and eventually returned as one of the two main antagonists of the email "retirement", sharing the spot with its predecessor.


The Compy is a slightly newer computer compared to the Tandy, but not by a whole lot. The appearance of the Compy is based on a Compaq Deskpro 386. The font that the Compy uses when displaying emails is that of a Commodore 64 font. After the email "virus", the Compy gets a big hole through its screen due to being shot by Bubs.


Strong Bad bought the Compy 386 to replace the Tandy after the former started to not work properly anymore. He kept the Compy around up until he gets a virus email on the Compy.

Strong Bad makes an attempt to delete the virus, but his efforts are fruitless as the Compy either refuses to or is unable to delete the virus. Determined to deal with the problem, Strong Bad runs his edgarware anti-virus. However, the results turn up to be 423,827 viruses, causing Strong Bad to panic as the Compy begins to warp reality due to how bad its virus is. It causes Strong Sad's head to detach from his body, Strong Bad to run out of the cartoon window, and Homestar to be able to grab the words from the bottom menu among other things.

The madness ends after Bubs takes a shot gun to put the Compy out of its misery. Strong Bad starts off broken up over this new loss, but he eventually gets over it after he manages to get a replacement in the form of the Lappy 486.

However, the Compy eventually reveals itself to still be alive later on despite the hole in it as it teams up with the Tandy 400 to kidnap the Lappy, cutting off her key in the process, to get back at Strong Bad for throwing them away and force him to check another email on them while threaten to ruin the Lappy's harddrive using a magnet.

Strong Bad complies with the request. After destroying the Tandy, he gets to checking an email on the Compy. As the email progresses, he tosses the Compy into Strong Mad's mouth, where the Compy is destroyed once and for all. The Tandy and Compy depart as ghosts afterward.


  • When the Compy is used to check an email in "retirement", its hole is made smaller so that the email can fit on its screen.


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