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We are the filthiest people alive!
~ Connie Marble to her husband Raymond.

Connie and Raymond Marble are the main antagonists in the 1972 cult-classic exploitation comedy film Pink Flamingos. Their main goal is to earn the title of "filthiest people alive" by proving their filthiness over the protagonist, Divine.

Connie was portrayed by Mink Stole and Raymond was portrayed by the late David Lochary, both of which are regular actors in John Waters' films.



Connie and Raymond Marble are perhaps two of the most perverted, gross, and degenerate villains in film history. They are a married couple that run a a illegal crime ring. They routinely kidnap young women in the Baltimore, Maryland area and keep them locked in their basement forever. They then have their butler, Channing, rape the women, and then auction the babies off to lesbian couples. The money that they receive from the illegal operations is then invested in the heroin industry around elementary schools. On top of that, Raymond goes out often to flash random women with deli meat attached to his genitals.

Face-off with Divine

When the couple catches wind that another Baltimore native, Divine, holds the title "filthiest person alive". They are filled with hatred and jealousy. They decide to attempt to "out filth" Divine in anyway they can. They first send a bowel movement in a package with a warning to Divine's trailer. However, Divine, takes them up on the challenge. They then try and report Divine to the Baltimore police, only to have the police officers murdered by Divine and her minions. In a final attempt to destroy Divine, They seek out her trailer and burn it to the ground.


Connie and Raymond shortly before their execution

Thinking they have won the "battle of filth". They return home, only to find Divine and her children waiting for them. Divine overpowers the Marbles. And brings them to the site of her burned down trailer. An enraged Divine holds a mock trial, in front of the press, and then sentences them to death for "ass-hole-ism". The Marbles are tarred and feathered and then shot.


  • Mink Stole, like Lochary, is a regular actor in the films of John Waters. Stole's later roles include Taffy in Waters' 1975 film Female Trouble, Peggy Gravel in Desperate Living, and Dottie Hinkin in Serial Mom.
  • Like Mink Stole, David Lochary would appear in Female Trouble as Donald Dasher, who along with his wife Donna (played by fellow Dreamlander Mary Vivian Pearce) run a beauty parlor and convince the main character Dawn Davenport into modelling for their crime-themed photographs. Lochary passed away shortly after playing Donald Dasher.
  • In an unproduced Pink Flamingoes sequel, Flamingoes Forever, the antagonists would have been Connie's sister and her necrophiliac mortician husband.


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