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Constance "Connie" Beatrice Cunaman is one of the main protagonists in Brickleberry. She is a park ranger at Brickleberry National Park, who is always being bullied and mocked by her boss and co-workers for being a fat lesbian.

Although she is generally a hero, Connie has done several villainous things in the series, such as constantly sexually harassing and even attempting to rape Ethel Anderson.

She is voiced by Roger Black.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Two Weeks Notice", Connie took advantage of Steve Williams being a good person by ordering him around and making him work as her servant.
  • In "Gay Bomb", Connie spied on Ethel and took pictures of her ass. Connie stole a gay bomb from the military and blew it up in Brickleberry so that she could turn Ethel into a lesbian.
  • In "Daddy Issues", Connie attempted to murder a hairless bear. When Steve Williams tried to stop her, she violently fought him and crushed his fist in her clenched vagina.
  • In "Little Boy Malloy", Connie seized the opportunity to pretend to be Ethel's husband so that she could make several sexual passes at her. Connie expressed her love to Ethel by digging up her grandmother's grave, stealing a necklace from her, and then giving it to Ethel as a present. When Connie ordered a "divorce" with Ethel, she returned the necklace to her grandmother's grave. At the end of the episode, Connie admitted to spying on Ethel and spiking her drink.
  • In "Scared Straight", Connie helped to bust Malloy, Denzel Jackson, and The Cool Friends Gang out of prison.
  • In "A-Park-A-Lypse", despite knowing that her son, Donnie Cunaman, was the Anti-Christ, who was going to end the world, still defending his right to live and fought Denzel in a battle to keep him alive.
  • In "Miss National Park", Connie slaughtered several people in the Miss National Park beauty pageant.
  • In "That Brother's My Father", Connie had an unhealthy obsession with Pat Sajack and went on to kidnap him and trap him in her basement, where if he escaped, she would kill him.
  • In "Write 'Em Cowboy", Connie diddled the corpse of a woman.
  • In "Old Wounds", Connie got Ethel high on pot brownies with her, without her knowledge and consent. Connie tried to cheat on the upcoming drug test by stealing a guy's urine. When that plan failed, she and Ethel tried to escape by driving away.
  • In "Steve the Fearless Pilot", Connie was infuriated when she was humiliated on a game show, so she brutally slaughtered all of the people on the show in cold blood and built a boat out of their corpses.
  • In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Connie knocked Dusty Marlow out cold with a log and trapped him in a ditch and then stole his identity so that she could rape Gina Jabowski by deception. When Connie later went back to get him out, she lied to him and said that he slipped and fell in the ditch.


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