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Connie Kendrickson was a female antagonist in the hit 2018 Spike Lee film BlacKkKlansman.

She was portrayed by Ashlie Atkinson.


A doting housewife, Connie was married to Colorado Ku Klux Klan member Felix Kendrickson, and was just as virulent a racist as he and the other men in the Klan, if not more so.

During a meeting where a new recruit apparently named Ron Stallworth (but was actually being portrayed by Flip Zimmerman) was being introduced into the Klan Connie brought some treats into the room where the Klan was having their meeting, and made it plain that she wanted to help kill African Americans. Felix brushed her off but told her that he would keep her in mind if he needed help.

Felix and Klan explosives expert Walker recruited Connie to bomb the black student union while a prominent activist was speaking there.

At the meeting initiating "Stallworth" into the Klan, Connie enjoyed a screening of the racist D.W. Griffith film Birth of a Nation and was overjoyed to meet grand wizard David Duke.

Connie then departed to go to the black student union building with a brick of C4 explosive, but was unable to plant the bomb due to the police presence. As a backup plan Felix and Walker had her take the bomb to the black student union's President Patrice's residence and plant the bomb there.

Unable to get the bomb to fit in the mailbox, Connie instead planted the bomb under Patrice's car. Stallworth arrived a few minutes later and attempted to arrest Connie, but two uniformed officers believed her when she said Stallworth was trying to rape her and began beating Stallworth.

Her husband, Walker and Ivanhoe pulled up and parked next to Patrice's car. Unaware that his wife had planted the bomb under Patrice's car, Felix activated the detonator. The resulting explosion not only destroyed Patrice's car, but also the car Felix, Walker and Ivanhoe were in, killing the three Klansmen.

Meanwhile Flip Zimmerman had shown up and forced the uniformed officers at gunpoint to release Stallworth. The pair proceeded to place Connie under arrest. In addition to her husband being dead, Connie now faced serious prison time for her crimes.


  • Contacted by her agents for an audition, Ashlie Atkinson initially thought the film was some "white supremacist bulls--t" and refused to do the film until her agent told her that Spike Lee was the director. Once she learned Lee was the director, she immediately accepted the appointment to do the audition.
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